Expert Guide On How To Find a Husband In Dubai 2024

Whether you’re an Emirati or an expatriate looking for love in the bustling city of Dubai, you’re in the right place!

Unsurprisingly, the UAE frowns upon dating apps and websites since the country highly prioritizes its morals. 

But the good news is- Muslim matrimonial sites, including Noble Marriage, are exempted from the ban. So, if you’re wondering how to find a husband in Dubai, you can try your luck on the platform. 

How to Find a Husband in Dubai?

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The UAE is home to both nationals and expatriates, with the latter accounting for the higher number of the population. Therefore, if your preference is an expatriate, it would be easier to find than if it were an Emirati. But still, it’s not impossible.

Here’s how to find a husband in Dubai: 

1. Matrimonial Site

As a Dubai resident, you probably have noticed that plenty of dating sites are blocked. The UAE has a conservative culture, so it prohibits all kinds of intimate actions occurring outside marriage. 

If you want to find a husband in Dubai, you are limited to using matrimony websites, like Noble Marriage. 

Noble Marriage is a halal matrimonial site that offers a secure environment for Muslims from different nations. The staff members verify each user’s identity to prevent the inundation of scam accounts.

Find Husband In Dubai with Noble Marriage

When you start a search, it uses intuitive matchmaking algorithms to help you find the partner meeting your criteria. You can shortlist your desired prospects and communicate with them as long as you have premium membership

The good thing is-  the platform prioritizes a female user’s privacy. You have the option of blurring your photos from random users. If a male user sends a photo exchange request and you accept it, only then will he be able to see it. 

2. Through Close Ones

Many Emiratis believe arranged marriages lead to everlasting love and a blissful life. 

Marriages in the UAE are typically arranged by family members. Upon selection of a candidate, the mothers of both parties discuss to ensure that the bride and groom are compatible with each other. If they are, then their fathers hold a meeting to move forward. 

Apart from family members, relatives are also involved in the decision-making process. They help collect all the necessary information regarding the prospect and their family. Some families even let the prospective bride and groom communicate for a couple of months before they agree to the marriage. 

If you prefer a partner through an arranged marriage, it is a wise idea to let your family know about it. Who knows if they have someone in mind for you?

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3. School or Work

Look around your friend circle as well as your co-workers. If there’s a single male among them and you have known each other well, you might want to take an interest in him. Make sure he also feels the same about you before you decide to settle with him. 

Find Husband in your workplace

If he’s the person you want as a husband, you can let your family know about him. Also, tell him to let his family know about you as well. Once both parties agree, it’s time to begin the process officially. 

4. Social Groups

If you’re a member of a social organization, such as a charity or volunteering, you can look forward to meeting single fellow members. 

Another answer to how to find a man in Dubai is by joining Islamic classes and events. You can take courses of your interests and attend events, such as primary healthcare conferences and entrepreneur meet-ups. Staying socially active increases the chances of finding someone with similar interests.

How to Find a Rich Husband in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world. It is home to many wealthy businessmen with powerful families. Emirati men are typically wealthier than expats as the government pays them a high salary. According to Khaleej Times, the highest number of rich people live in Jumeirah, Al Barsha, Arabian Ranches, Al Thanyah, and Umm Suqeim. 

Find a Rich Husband in Dubai

However, finding a rich husband isn’t that straightforward. Many men prefer associating with wealthy women, and some even prefer polygamy, which is legal as long as there’s equal treatment. Therefore, there’s a slim chance of finding the perfect wealthy partner who’ll love you for who you are. 

Tips for Finding Love in Dubai

Since you’re on your journey to meet your dream man, it’s worth taking some time to read these tips below:

  • If you’re an Emirati lady wishing to marry an expatriate man, you’ll need consent from your parents and employer (if working in Armed Forces).
  • If you’re an expatriate wanting to get married in Dubai, make sure to obtain a tourist visa needed for entering the UAE and also plan your vacation.
  • Like most countries, the minimum legal age for marrying in the UAE is 18. 
  • If you’ve met an expatriate man and wish to marry him, make sure to consider his country’s culture and tradition. It is a good idea to learn his home country’s language before both of you decide to relocate there. 
  • Islamic marriages in the UAE are conducted under the Sharia Law. The law states that a Muslim woman is permitted to marry a Muslim man, and if she wishes to marry a revert, there has to be proof. 
  • Avoid getting help from matchmaking services in Dubai since most of them have left a negative impression on clients. 
  • Avoid going to bars and clubs in search of a future partner as it is not permissible in Islam.
  • If you’re chatting with someone online, make sure not to share your address or sensitive information. You never know when scammers take advantage of you. 
  • Instead of being smitten by a person’s good looks, focus on his real self. That way you can eliminate the chances of being deceived. 
  • As an Emirati, it is a good idea to participate in family gatherings as much as possible. You might get attention from other families looking for their son’s future wife.


How Can I Meet a Partner in Dubai?

If you’re wondering how to meet guys in Dubai, you can do so through matrimony websites, connections, and social groups.

Is Tinder Allowed in Dubai?

Etisalat and DU, two major internet service providers in the UAE blocked Tinder. That’s because dating apps and sites are not tolerated by the country.

Islam prohibits the usage of such platforms and they’re also not the best option for finding a faithful partner. 

Which Dating App is Halal in UAE?

The matrimony app, Noble Marriage is halal in the UAE. It is a great app for Muslims seeking a righteous spouse. You can sign up for free and start looking for prospects. Once you’ve found someone and want to communicate with that person, you can upgrade your membership.

Final Thoughts

Finding a husband in Dubai isn’t impossible as there’s a higher percentage of males than females. That’s good news for ladies seeking marriage. 

But, before you decide to get married there, make sure to ask yourself a few questions. Do you prefer a national or an expatriate? If it’s an expatriate then which is your preferred country? Do you wish to reside in the UAE or want to relocate?

If you know the answers, the search will be easier for you. Hopefully, you now have some ideas regarding how to find a husband in Dubai. 

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