Top 10 Free Muslim Matrimonial Sites in India

Online matrimonial platforms have made it easy to find a life partner in India, where the Muslim community is thriving with vibrant diversity. If you are a Muslim in India seeking a loving partner through weddings, numerous free Muslim marriage websites are waiting to assist you.

Noble Marriage, Nikah-forever,, and Zariyaa Matrimony are some of the most popular free Muslim matrimonial sites in India.

With vast user databases, advanced search filters, verified profiles, and a focus on Islamic guidelines, these platforms offer a secure and convenient way to find your ideal match.

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Other marriage search sites that cater to specific preferences and needs are also available, ensuring a diverse array of options for your partner search.

We’re bringing you India’s 10 most popular matrimonial sites, all dedicated to helping you find love and companionship while upholding traditional Islamic values.

Top 10 Free Muslim Matrimonial Sites in India: List with Details

Find love and companionship in India’s Muslim community with the top 10 Muslim matrimonial sites in India. Embrace Allah’s blessings and embark on a journey of meaningful connections.

The following is a brief list of the top Muslim marriage websites in India to help you find your soulmate:

  • Noble Marriage
  • Nikah Forever
  • Zariyaa Matrimony
  • NikahNamah

Let’s discuss each site in detail and the benefits it provides.

1. Noble Marriage

Noble Marriage is India’s top Muslim matrimony website, helping unmarried Muslim brothers and sisters find loving life partners. The following benefits are available to you through this website:

Noble Marriage | free muslim matrimonial sites in india

Security and Privacy: Your data is kept secure and private at Noble Marriage. Using encryption and screening protocols, they verify user authenticity with an anti-scam system and prioritize privacy, especially for female users. Hidden/blurred pictures and a separate female database further ensure your security.

Communication: Noble Marriage provides a user-friendly communication system for messaging, interests, and photo requests. You can also shortlist potential matches for consideration, making it easy to connect with potential partners.

Smart Match-Making: This website uses extensive research and a smart match-making algorithm, including the “Match Preferences” section, to efficiently pair users with suitable partners, making your search for love easier.

2. Nikah Forever

Nikah Forever is also among the top matrimonial sites for Muslims in India. This website aims to help you find your life partners and soulmates within the Muslim community. Here’s how Nikah Forever helps:

Nikah Forever

Extensive Database: Access over 1 million registered members, increasing your chances of finding a compatible match.

Advanced Search Filters: With NIKAH-FOREVER, you can access advanced search filters to refine your search for the perfect match. You can search by age, location, education, occupation, religion, etc.

Secure Platform: Utilizes advanced security technologies to safeguard your sensitive information. You have control over your privacy settings and can choose to share your information selectively.

The secure messaging feature on NIKAH-FOREVER provides a platform for potential partners to communicate in a safe and secure environment.

Compatibility Matching: Uses advanced algorithms to suggest matches based on shared interests, values, and beliefs.

Accessibility: Conveniently accessible through the website and app, allowing you to connect anytime, anywhere.

3. Zariyaa Matrimony

Zariyaa Matrimony is another top site on the list of Muslim matrimonials in India, dedicated to facilitating Muslim brides and grooms in finding their ideal life partners. Its specialties include:

Zariyaa Matrimony

Simple Three-Step Process: The platform offers easy matchmaking with three simple steps – Free Registration, Search, and Communication.

Telephonic Verification: To ensure authenticity, Zariyaa conducts thorough telephonic verification before activating profiles.

Strong Privacy and Security: Zariyaa prioritizes data security, allowing you to lock photographs for added privacy.

Founded by Professionals with a Charitable Background: Established by professionals involved in charitable work for the Muslim community, adding credibility to the platform.

Personalized Search Assistance: You receive personalized search assistance based on your preferences and expectations.

Vast Collection of Verified Profiles: Thousands of verified profiles increase the chances of finding a genuine and compatible life partner.

4. has several features that will improve your chances of discovering a suitable mate within the Muslim community in India.

The ‘India’s Growth Champions Award’ by The Economic Times in 2020 acknowledged the platform’s commitment to growth and success, demonstrating its dedication to providing a high-quality experience. Here’s what this site has:

Vast User Base: With over 100,000 members on the platform, you’ll have a wide range of options for finding a compatible match.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform’s user-friendly interface and modern features facilitate an easy partner search, including effortless browsing, search result filtering, and profile saving for future reference.

Verified Profiles: The platform ensures privacy and security by manually screening and validating all profiles. 100% verified phone numbers further authenticate the profiles, giving you peace of mind while interacting with genuine persons.

Community-Centric Approach: The platform focuses on Muslim communities globally, allowing you to search and contact profiles within your community for a more targeted and relevant search.

Easy Registration: The process of creating a profile is simple and free of charge. This lets you start your partner search quickly by adding details and browsing thousands of profiles.

Privacy and Safety: guarantees 100% privacy and security. With enhanced privacy, it protects your details during interactions with potential matches.

Daily Match Alerts: Receive personalized matching profiles via email daily based on your partner preferences, saving you time and effort in your search.


The Muslim Matrimony section of offers several advantages for finding a Muslim life partner in India:

Vast User Base: With over 200 million users in India, provides various potential matches from diverse backgrounds.

Advanced Matchmaking Algorithm: Their smart algorithm considers crucial factors like religion, caste, occupation, income, and city to enhance compatibility.

Privacy and Security: prioritizes your privacy and ensures a safe browsing experience with encrypted connections.

User-Friendly Interface: This matrimonial site offers an easy-to-use interface catering to users with varying tech skills.

Personalized Assistance: Dedicated support is available through phone, email, or chat to help with queries and concerns.

Success Stories: Many successful marriages have been facilitated by, serving as inspiration for hopeful users.

Mobile App Access: also provides a mobile app for convenient access. The app allows you to stay connected and search for potential matches.

6. Nikah Namah

Nikah Namah is another prominent site on the list of free Indian matrimonials. The following are some of the key features and aspects of this site:

Nikah Namah

Advanced Search Engine: Nikah Namah offers an advanced search engine with specialized algorithms. It helps you find a match based on age, location, education, and profession.

Highest Number of Verified Profiles: Count on Nikah Namah’s extensive number of verified profiles, ensuring genuine matches and eliminating fake profiles for a trustworthy experience.

Dedicated Muslim Marriage Broker: Enjoy personalized assistance from a dedicated Muslim marriage broker who understands your preferences and guides you throughout the matchmaking process.

Transparency and Credibility: NikahNamah maintains strict standards, ensuring transparency and credibility by thoroughly verifying all profiles on the platform.


Another Muslim matrimonial site offers you a lot of useful resources. You can use this site because it has a range of features and benefits that make it convenient and reliable:

Extensive Database: With over 400,000 Muslim profiles, you are more likely to find an Indian Muslim girl for marriage. Similarly, if you are a girl, you may find someone who matches your interests and preferences for marriage.

Trusted and Reputed Platform: Established in 1997, is a trustworthy and reliable platform for finding your life partner.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigating the site is seamless and hassle-free, allowing you to search for relevant profiles easily.

Successful Matchmaking Stories: Over 100,000 Muslim profiles, users have found their perfect match on the site, reflecting its credibility.

Innovative Technologies: The platform employs modern technologies, enhancing search efficiency and providing the best-suited profiles.

Privacy and Security Measures: prioritizes user data protection, ensuring a safe online experience.

Convenient Access: Being an online platform, you can access it anytime and from anywhere, making your search more convenient.


The website is another Muslim matrimonial site in India. You can create a profile, browse potential matches, and communicate with them without any subscription fees or hidden costs. This site can assist you in the following ways:


Diverse and Extensive User Base: By signing up for, you open yourself up to a vast and diverse pool of potential life partners. With users from various Indian states and diverse backgrounds, you have a higher chance of finding someone who shares your values, beliefs, and interests.

This means you can truly seek a partner who aligns with you and your lifestyle, making for a more fulfilling and enriching relationship.

Inclusivity: believes in inclusivity and welcomes individuals from different educational backgrounds, including doctors, engineers, or madrasa pass-outs (Alim/hafiz/mufti).

Accommodating diverse backgrounds ensures everyone gets a fair chance at finding their life partner.

The platform also allows second marriage proposals and is open to Indians living abroad (NRIs), making it accessible to all.


There is also, an Indian Muslim matrimonial site. The website offers the following benefits:


City-based Search: lets you find potential matches from any city in India. This feature allows you to find someone who shares your values and beliefs while living near you. You can refine your search by age, occupation, and education level.

Photo Upload: With the ability to upload up to 10 photos, you can showcase different aspects of your personality and appearance, increasing your chances of finding your perfect match.

Genuine Profiles: Each profile undergoes 100% mobile verification for authenticity.

Regular Alerts: You can stay updated with prompt notifications on new matches.

Millions of Muslim Matches: You can access a diverse pool of potential matches worldwide.

Second Marriage Support: If you are a divorced or widowed Muslim looking for a second marriage, caters to your specific needs. The platform provides a dedicated space to find others who understand your journey and are looking for a new beginning.

Reverted Muslims: Through the platform, reverted Muslims seeking compatible partners.


With, you can find a life partner within the Muslim community in India. Here’s how the platform can assist you:

Advanced Search Options: This site offers advanced filters for easy profile matching based on religion, age, education, and occupation. The IntelliMatch feature suggests compatible profiles.

Privacy and Safety: This website prioritizes your privacy and safety. Your personal information remains secure and visible only to those you choose to share it with.

Photo Album: You can showcase your personality with up to eight pictures on to give others a better understanding of you.

Mobile Number and Email ID Viewing: Once you find a potential match, you can view their contact details, including mobile numbers and email IDs. This makes it easy to move from online communication to offline meetings.

Unlimited Messaging: Communicate freely with other members, getting to know each other without any restrictions.

Discover Your Perfect Match: Navigate Free Muslim Marriage Websites in India

So, the top 10 platforms mentioned above can be a great starting point when looking for free Muslim matrimonial sites in India.

From Noble Marriage to, each platform offers a wide range of profiles and features to help you find your perfect match.

Whether you’re seeking a life partner based on religious beliefs or compatibility, these websites provide a convenient and reliable way to connect with potential matches within the Muslim community.

Take advantage of these free resources and begin your journey toward marital bliss today. Adhere to Halal, obey Allah, and pray for a righteous life partner.

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