8 Best Muslim Apps for Marriage In 2024

Discovering your ideal life partner is made easier with the help of technology, thanks to the “Best Muslim Apps for Marriage.” These apps cater to the unique needs of Muslim singles, providing a platform to meet like-minded individuals while adhering to Islamic values. From profile matching to privacy features, these apps offer a convenient and secure way to connect with potential partners who share your faith and goals. Explore the best Muslim apps for marriage to embark on your journey towards a fulfilling and harmonious marital life.

For a newbie, online Matrimonial Apps could be an overwhelming experience. Some websites are misguiding Dating Apps as proper Islamic Marriage Apps. Some scholars are also against using such matrimonial Apps as they don’t usually follow the Sahih Islamic Saria and Sunnah. According to Islamic guidance, for finding the perfect spouse the methods and approach of apps can be misleading.  Only a few Muslim matrimony apps are following proper Islamic Sharia.

Best Muslim Apps for Marriage 2023

Here is a list of 8 Best Muslim Apps for Marriage to make the confusion clear about the right Muslim matrimony apps. 

1. Noble Marriage

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Noble Marriage is an UAE based halal, safest, and secure Muslim matrimony app. It has a user friendly web version as well. Nobel Marriage was launched in 2020 worldwide. This app has users from 200 countries from around the globe. Noble Marriage is not like a typical Muslim dating app at all, rather it’s the best app to get married according to the Islamic Sharia and Sunna. If you are looking for the best Muslim app which follows Islamic guidance, there is no best alternative other than Noble Marriage.

Noble Marriage App

What’s Good About It?

  • Noble Marriage is a stable and user-friendly platform for both web and Android apps. 
  • It’s a secure platform for Muslim brothers and sisters who are looking for a safe and sound and best Muslim app for marriage. 
  • Female users can not reveal photos. During the photo upload, they can avail the freedom of not sharing their photos in their profiles. the photo gets blurred by default. Prospect male users can see a prospective female user’s photo if she is allowed to reveal her photo to that particular male user. 
  • This platform maintains the proper Islamic guidelines in the process of matchmaking. The wali feature allows female users to tag her wali (male guardian) while completing the registration process.  
  • It has a live chat system. NobleMarriage’s strict support system monitors the chat message which ensures safe and decent use of this platform. 
  • It’s using the latest AI technology to find a desired spouse.  
  • Users can upload NID / Passport for the ID verification. Noble Marriage support team verifies those manually to ensure the verified authentic profiles.
  •  It has a lot of basic search filters to find desired matches without paying any money.
  • This app has the freedom to have absolute biased free profiles for divorced, widowed, to be reverted and reverted Muslims and unmarried brothers and sisters. Married male users can also opt for 2nd, 3rd and 4th marriage.

Why Should You Re-think?

  • It’s not a free Muslim Marriage App but users can enjoy registering here without any payment. They can freely surf through the platform. Later, users have to upgrade their profile into a premium profile and to communicate with other premium users. 
  • If you are looking for a Muslim dating app. Then it’s not for you. It’s a pure halal Muslim matrimony app. 
  • It doesn’t have a video calls option between prospective partners.   

2. Muslima

Muslima was set up in 2006 to help Muslims. Muslima says that it helps to provide a safe, secure space for single Muslims to meet each other. Developing the relationship proceeds through messages, live chats, and video calls. With detailed profiles it contains 4.5 million members in searching out compatible life partners from around the globe or in any closer neighborhoods. 

Muslima Marriage App

What’s Good About It?

  • It has international membership. you can find your ideal spouse quickly as it has no border restrictions. The website has the language translation facility that helps you to find your match beyond language barrier and even quicker.
  • The Free Membership Service allows you to see the other profiles before spending any money at all.
  • For subscriptions they have good discounts that make Muslima affordable for many people who are in search of the right profile. 
  • Muslima has great customer support and gives you a smooth service. 
  • Muslima is also a safe and secure matrimonial hub where only members or users with verified ID allows you to connect real users and get rid of potential scammers. 

Why Should You Re-think?

  • Here in Muslima premium members get the maximum support. However, the website is costly for those who are looking for a momentum membership and they have to keep on getting new subscriptions every time.
  • International membership is interesting but it also means that your ideal match might be living on the other side of the world from you. Sometimes, a cultural difference becomes prominent in relationships.
  • A number of choices can confuse most people. Fortunately, the enhanced features help to manage targeted profiles and list profiles.

3. Muzz 

Muzz is known as a genuine online dating app for Muslims. This app is modern, stylish, and its UI is user friendly. The Muzz mobile app is a game changing dating app developed by the UK’ company in 2015. Muzz allows anyone to sign in to the app who is 18. Significantly, most of the users of this platform’s age is between 20 years to 30 years old.  The elder members around their early forties or fifties also avail the membership. The users say, “Ideal and halal way to meet a potential spouse”, “It’s a beautiful place to meet women in a halal manner”.  

Muzz "Muslim Marriage App"

Why should you choose it?

  • Muzz is a flexible and easy to use app for both iOS and Android. It is optimized for most of the mobile phone devices; users don’t face any kind of difficulties while using the apps. 
  • However, it has pretty easy and user-friendly tools. Its UI is sleek, nice. The shooting vibe of the app won’t let you stop while sweeping through the subscriber’s profile to look for a potential spouse. 
  • Muzz verifies user’s profiles using Selfie Verification, SMS confirmation, and location checks. 
  • According to research of male and female users are 50/50. This makes Muzz members to find a match quicker than ever.
  • One of the popular features of Muzz’s video calls for between potential spouses.

Why Should You Re-think?

  • The little desktop variation of the app is likely a great drawback for Muzz. Not every subscriber has accessibility to the expensive cell phones, that’s why most people choose personal computers or laptops over android and IOS.
  • The paid subscription could be an enormous upgrade of experience and it’s costly. 
  • It is disheartening that you can only have a fixed number of sweeps, if you have subscribed for a smaller package. For limitless sweeps users had to pay more and you don’t even know whether it’s worth it or not. 
  • Though it’s a good app, there is always room for improvements in the matter of safety measurements.

4. SingleMuslim

SingleMuslim is mainly a dating application though users can find potential spouses using it. It has both web and app versions. From the dating perspective it is mainly focusing on the Middle East’s single Muslims. 

It has a huge number of users. Therefore, finding the possible ideal match among them is easy. The site is mostly used in the UK.  

Single Muslim App

What’s Good About It?

  • The site is an absolutely safe and secure place and the user can rely on the security department. 
  • When a user uploads photos, the system verifies each of them in several ways.

Why Should You Re-think?·  

  • The most sensitive issue is that users won’t be able to contact other users unless they have bought a paid offer. Single Muslim won’t allow you for at least one conversation.
  • Moreover, the premium subscription is expensive compared to other Muslim Marriage Apps.

5. Pure Matrimony

Pure Matrimony is not a dating app; only for finding Muslim partners for marriage. appsSquare has developed this app for Android devices and iPhone. 

Pure Matrimony
  • Pure matrimony is one of the biggest matrimonial platforms based on practicing Muslims. 
  • Pure Matrimony is taking over their activities in more than 50 countries, using languages over 20 types. 
  • They help Muslims all over the globe find their life-partner in a secure manner. 

6. Salams

Salams is considered as the A1 category Muslim match to find the ideal spouse. Customized for the users especially who want to swipe the other users hiding their identity.  


What’s Good About It?

  • Blocking option of this app ensures that unwanted members cannot access specific accounts. Moreover, you can simply raise an abuse report for any members misbehaving. 
  • You can leave Salams at any moment and no longer your information will be preserved by the platform.

Why Should You Re-think?

  • The majority of the users are male and it’s around 80%. The female users are comparatively less than male.  
  • A major drawback is that you cannot see their profile again when you “Unmatch” someone.

7. BuzzArab

BuzzArab is one of the free Muslim marriage apps. Here users can chat, and date which allows members to meet new people from the Arab world, but from the rest of the places too.  Not only for Muslims but also for Christians, this app is friendly for people from beyond the borders and languages.  


8. Muslim Match

If you are looking for Muslim dating and marriage app then Muslim Match is best suited for you. The platform offers profiles of single Muslims and is 100% safe and secure.

Muslim Match
  • This app has 8 languages for its users. 
  • It has verified profiles with a selfie.


Which Is The Most Reliable Muslim Marriage App?

Noble Marriage is the top Muslim marriage app due to its goal to connect single people to find their partners with advanced matchmaking features. With its smart profile options and guided communicating tools, eHarmony helps one find true matches.

Are There Any Free Muslim Marriage Sites?

BuzzArab is an excellent option for Muslims looking for a free Muslim marriage app. This site offers an exclusive and vast choice of possible matches.


The list of 8 best apps for Muslim marriage hopefully will be helping you. In this era of ‘made things easy’ Muslim matrimonial apps are a necessity. People are ready to go beyond borders and languages to find their life-partner. The matrimonial apps for single Muslim brothers and sisters are working as a time saver to get married in no time.


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