The 7 Best Muslim Dating Apps in Canada 2024

If you are thinking about online dating in Canada, there are a lot of dating apps to choose from. If you are a Muslim however, the options are very limited. As such, we have compiled a list of the 7 Best Muslim dating apps in Canada in 2023. 

These apps cater to the needs of Muslims seeking marriage, and lifelong partnerships. By having features that follow Islamic principles, these platforms have been able to create a proper place for Muslims in the world of online dating. 

With that in mind, this article will give an in-depth review of the apps. With the benefits and drawbacks mentioned, this post will surely assist you when you have to make a judgment about selecting a platform.

Best Muslim Dating Apps in Canada

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The list below does not contain apps in any particular order or rank: 

  1. Noble Marriage
  2. Salams
  3. Zoosk
  4. Harmony
  5. Muzz
  6. Muslima
  7. SalamSwipe

1. Noble Marriage

Noble Marriage App | Best Muslims Dating Apps in Canada

Noble Marriage is the no.1 Muslim app for marriage in Canada. It offers a user-friendly interface with detailed instructions to assist users at every step. The platform prioritizes compliance with Muslim laws, a feature highly valued by its members. With a strong focus on facilitating marriage, Noble Marriage employs a smart onboarding process to enhance this objective. This is paired with an internal team that also vets its users. 

What we like about the app:

  • User-friendly interface with comprehensive instructions.
  • Excellent privacy options, particularly for female users who can choose to either hide or blur their display photos. 
  • The credibility of potential partners is established through a photo exchange request feature. A user can only view a female user’s photo with her consent after initial compatibility is established. 
  • Accommodates all demographics, including singles, divorcees, and new Muslims/reverts. This is especially helpful for Canadians as Canada has a higher rate of Muslim divorcees or new Muslims.
  • The shortlist feature allows users to narrow down profiles and add notes.
  • A referral program rewards users who recommend the app.
  • Strongly incorporates Islamic values, providing Canadian Muslims with a dedicated platform that eliminates the need to navigate multiple non-Muslim dating apps.

“A great app for those who are looking for Muslim life partner and the stuff is really helpful and cooperative you can easily find matches.”- User Review from Facebook page

Limitations of Noble Marriage:

  • The unavailability of an iOS app limits access for a significant group of users. Most people in Canada use Apple devices. 
  • The platform offers only two language options. 
  • Some features are restricted in the free version, limiting the exploration of options for free users.    

2. Salams (Previously known as Minder)

Salams | Dating App In Canada

Salams stands out as one of the most highly regarded marriage and dating apps for Muslims, With excellent ratings on the Google Play store, one of the notable advantages of Salams is in helping make lifelong partnerships. This makes it an ideal platform for those seeking a commitment. With a user count of over 3.8 million worldwide, Salams has a lot of features and opportunities for individuals in search of their forever life partner. 

What we like about the app:

  • Provides exceptional safety and security. It just displays your first name and whatever other information you provide in your profile. You may also blur photos to minimize unwanted attention. 
  • Profiles are confirmed using a GPS location and a selfie. 
  • Geo-location allows the app to find your perfect partner nearby. 
  • Swipes are fully anonymous, and members are not alerted until there is a match.

They’ve really upgraded this over time and while initially I thought Minder was a toxic place eventually I got a premium membership and gave the search time and I can’t complain because I met my favorite person on Salams! Alhamdulillah” – User Review from PlayStore

Limitations of Salams:

  •  It does not have a browser version.
  • The app only runs in English. Since Canada is a multilingual country, it might be difficult to find partners who prefer the same language except English.
  • Users have reported several fake profiles and creepy men as it is mostly male-centric.
  • The free version barely has any benefits.

3. Zoosk

Zoosk App

Zoosk is one of the most popular dating sites in the world. With over 35 million members and 30 million+ downloads, 3 million+ messages are exchanged daily. Zoosk is a rather varied dating platform as it welcomes people of all races and religions. There are also filtering options, making it convenient for Muslims.

What we like about the app:

  •  Zoosk is available in 25 languages.
  •  Zoosk SmartPick: This is a matchmaking algorithm that adapts to your preferences and suggests matches based on the kinds of profiles you like or dislike.
  •  Zoosk GreatDates: This is a new feature that lets users do a virtual date directly from Zoosk. This is convenient and prioritizes safety, and is popular among Muslim users as well.
  •  Has a variety of communication options, including texting, virtual gifts, and sending smiles, to improve engagement and create bonds between users
  •  Uses a swipe method, making the interface simple for users
  •  Super send is a new function that users may purchase with Zoosk boost coins to send messages to multiple people at once

Limitations of Zoosk:

  • Most questions in the registration window are optional, resulting in a lot of incomplete profiles.
  • A large user database creates a higher chance of fake profiles.
  • Users cannot access the majority of the benefits without buying a subscription.

“Unlike some other dating sites, this one doesn’t allow ANY direct contact unless BOTH interested parties are paying members.”- User Review from AppStore

4. eHarmony

eHarmony App

eHarmony is one of the most popular dating apps in Canada. The platform prides itself as a pioneer in user matching, thanks to its matching algorithm. It analyzes the qualities of successful relationships on the platform to produce meaningful matches, using its unique 32 DIMENSIONS® methodology.

The platform primarily aims to help individuals discover long-term relationships. With millions of registered users, eHarmony draws a range of people from different ethnic, racial, and religious origins and age groups. This means that there will be a lot of Muslims seeking marriage.  

What we like about the app:

  • The app takes an in-depth personality quiz to give you better matches.
  • Boasts a balanced membership base with 51% men and 49% women. This is especially helpful as most Muslim dating apps in Canada do not have a large female user base.
  • It has been around for more than 20 years which means the developers have had significant time to ensure the preferences of the Canadian market.
  • A lot of campaign windows where certain paid features are available for free. 

Limitations of eHarmony:

  • The lengthy registration process overwhelms a lot of users.
  • Memberships are expensive compared to other dating apps because subscriptions start at 6 months minimum.
  • The app does not give the users access to the entire user base. It only sends you potential matches based on the personality test.

5. Muzz (Formerly known as Muzmatch)

Muzz "Muslim Marriage App"

Muzz promises to be one of the best Muslim apps for marriage. It works by recommending prospective matches based on profile information and dating interests.

Muzz is dedicated to assisting single Muslims in finding a successful match, date, or life-long spouse without violating any Islamic rule

What we like about the app:

  • Halal dating features such as chaperones and photo/video blurring.
  • Has over ten language options.
  • The internal team approves all memberships, and they have an excellent customer service team.
  • The user-friendly and location-based interface enables people to narrow down their location.
  •  One of the largest databases of Muslim members.
  • A free membership includes all you need, with a free video chat feature. 
  • Compatible on both iOS and Android.

“Alhamdulillah, I got a lot of amazing matches and there are many options to choose from- any location, ethnicity, how religious they are (but that’s for you to find out), age, etc.”- User Review from AppStore

Limitations of Muzz:

  • Lack of a web platform.
  •  The free edition contains a number of ads.  
  •  Several non-Muslim users and fake accounts have also been detected.  

6. Muslima

Muslima Marriage App

Muslima is a dating app designed for Muslims and Arabs, including those who are considering converting to Islam. It is particularly popular among Muslims under the age of 40 who are seeking marriage

What we like about the app:

  • Geographical flexibility allows users to access a diverse platform and increase their chances of finding a compatible Muslim life partner.
  •  Available on Android, iOS, and browser versions.
  • Extensive translation feature supporting more than 20 languages.
  • Verification is only granted to members who provide identification, ensuring communication with genuine individuals while minimizing the risk of encountering scammers.
  • Allows browsing through all profiles without a subscription, letting users assess potential matches before committing financially.
  • Regular deletion of inactive accounts and a robust bug reporting system.
  • Offers a range of premium subscription packages and discounts.

Limitations of Muslima:

  • The cost of short-term premium subscriptions is higher compared to other well-known Muslim marriage apps.
  • The user base is predominantly male.
  •  The diverse user base may result in matches living far apart, posing challenges for those who prefer local relationships. This makes it harder for individuals to find partners who live in Canada

7. Salaam Swipe

Salaam Swipe is a unique platform that aims to bridge the gap between Western Muslims and their potential partners within the community. Created by its founder, a Canadian Muslim, Jessa, Salaam Swipe addresses the challenges faced by Western Muslims who find it extremely difficult to find the perfect Muslim partner in a Western country. 

Whether one is seeking a life partner or friends, or simply looking to expand their social circle, Salaam Swipe offers a platform that embraces diversity.

What we like about the app:

  • The founder is someone who has faced the struggles of Westerners dealing with Muslim dating firsthand. Thus, the app is very user-centric.
  • Salaam Swipe focuses on connecting individuals who share the same faith and cultural background, allowing for greater compatibility and understanding in partners.·      
  • Salaam Swipe promotes a non-judgmental environment, empowering users to make their own choices and connections based on their own preferences and interpretations of compatibility.

Limitations of Salaam Swipe:

  • The app has a smaller user base compared to some larger dating apps.
  • The app is not available in several regions of the world
  • Has fewer features compared to more established dating apps due to it being relatively new.
  • Due to limited compatibility assessments or in-depth profiling systems compared to some other platforms, the accuracy of match suggestions is low. 

In conclusion, the dating industry has seen a huge transition in recent years. As technology has advanced, society has become more linked. As such these applications have really helped Canadian Muslims in finding meaningful relationships while remaining true to their faith. The ease of use and accessibility of these platforms is only strengthening relationships and enhancing the lives of people in Canada’s Muslim community.

Each of these applications has advantages and disadvantages, and the choice ultimately comes down to you. The above 7 apps, among the best Muslim dating apps in Canada, give great alternatives that cater to the distinct needs of the Muslim community in the country.

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