Emotional Support in a Marriage Life

In Islam, a marital relationship is considered a sacred bond. It’s what allows two souls to build a healthy connection with each other. It also brings tranquility both physically and emotionally. 

However, some couples do not feel that there is such a connection between them. The reason could often be the lack of empathy. If spouses are not able to understand each other’s emotions well, it can have negative consequences.   

This guide will help you provide emotional support to your spouse as well as understand its significance in a marriage.

How to Give Emotional Support to Wife

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If your wife is going through a hard time, it is your duty as a husband to provide her with emotional support. Here’s how you can offer help.

How to Give Emotional Support to Wife

1. Listen to Your Wife

The first thing you need to do is sit with your wife and listen intently to her concerns. Don’t assume what’s bothering her, instead ask her directly. Also, avoid any distractions because that will make your wife feel that you’re not listening. Ask her follow-up questions to ensure that you’re attentive. 

Offer her advice to ease her feelings. If you’re unsure of how to help her, ask her what you can do. Then, follow her instructions to the best of your abilities. 

2. Validate Her Feelings

Try to put yourself in her shoes and let her know that you’d feel the same if it had happened to you. That way, your wife will feel understood and her respect for you will even grow more. 

3. Be Respectful

Whatever she says regarding her concerns, you’ll need to respect her words. Don’t tell her to move on or to be grateful for what she has because these words can hurt her even more. 

4. Boost Her Confidence

If it’s because of her flaws that she is concerned about, tell her that all human beings are not perfect and that she doesn’t have to worry about it. Remind her how strong and amazing of a wife she is and also mention the qualities she possesses. Doing so will make her feel better and boost her self-confidence. 

5. Remind Her That She Can Count on You

Before marriage, your wife probably used to share her concerns with her parents. Now that they are not around, she has only you with whom she can share everything. So, always encourage her to share her concerns with you. 

6. Buy Her a Small Gift

Islam tells men to treat their wives with love and kindness. A loving act, such as giving a small gift can make your wife feel loved. She will appreciate it even more when she’s distressed. So, whenever you go out, make sure to return home with a bouquet, candies, face masks, or anything she likes. 

7. Let Her Relax

When your wife is upset, she might not feel like cooking or doing chores. Allow her to relax for the day. You can order food or take her out to a good restaurant. If possible, take care of one or some of her tasks, such as washing the dishes or cleaning the rooms. 

8. Check on Her Periodically

After the conversation, don’t forget to check how your wife is feeling. Ask her now and then to ensure she is feeling better. That will make her feel that you care about her. 

Importance of Emotional Support in a Marriage

In a healthy marital relationship, love is not the only aspect that must be present but also good understanding and emotional support between the couple. In Islam, the latter is as crucial as the other aspects because it not only brings spouses closer together but also lets them face obstacles in life. 

For example, when the wife is suffering from the psychological stress caused by pregnancy, she needs her husband’s support more than anything else. Similarly, when the husband is in distress regarding financial situations, then the wife has to support him emotionally. 

As time goes on, financial situations, homes, and family dynamics change. But, what lasts and keeps the marriage strong is an emotional connection. If the spouses lack a deep emotional connection, they won’t be able to support each other during hard times. As a result, their marriage will experience a downturn. 

Benefits of Emotional Support in a Marital Relationship

Supporting emotions in a marriage is indeed beneficial. The deeper the emotional connection between you and your spouse, the better the rest of your life will be. Below are the notable benefits of emotional support. 

Benefits of Emotional Support in a Marital Relationship

1. Boosts Self-Confidence

Undoubtedly, emotional support boosts your self-confidence. When you feel that you’re not good enough, receiving compliments from your better half will lighten up the mood. You will feel happy and loved enough, and that mood will reflect on your behavior towards other people. 

2. Improves Physical and Mental Health

Emotional support is also known to improve physical and mental health. When you receive emotional support from your spouse, you are less likely to undergo anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues. Also, your physical health will remain in a good state since there will be no disruption in your diet and sleep cycle. 

3. Induces a Sense of Security

If you have a strong emotional connection with your spouse, you will feel safe. It will make you trust your partner to the point that you will be able to show your vulnerable side. Besides, in times of hardship, you can rest assured you have each other. 

4. Reduces Stress and Pain

Emotional support also contributes to easing stress and pain. When you actively listen to your spouse and offer support, they will feel understood and will have peace of mind that they can count on you. They will also be able to overcome the pain caused by the demise of a loved one. 

5. Encourages Open Communication

For the first time after marriage you provide emotional support to your spouse, they will feel that they should always rely on you. Therefore, whatever situation your spouse goes through, they will have someone to communicate openly. 

6. Boosts Mutual Growth

When spouses are there to support each other, they will be able to overcome challenges and work harder. They will feel inspired by each other which lets them grow and become a better person. 


How to Comfort Your Husband in Islam?

When a husband is going through difficult times, it is the wife’s duty to comfort him to the best of her abilities. As a wife, you’ll need to do the following to make him feel better.

Talk about his stress and listen to him actively
Ask follow-up questions
Offer him advice
Point out his strengths
Make him his favorite meal
Go out for a walk or engage in other activities to keep him distracted

Should a Husband Support His Wife Emotionally?

For a marriage to be successful, it is important that the husband and wife support each other. If the husband loves and cherishes his wife, he should definitely support her emotionally. Doing so will make her believe that she has someone to count on and also she will feel protected.

Final Thoughts

As you have seen, emotional support in a marriage plays a huge role in bolstering the couple’s relationship. When couples are able to understand and support each other, their marital life will be a success. 

Therefore, if you are getting married or are already married, make sure to observe your spouse’s emotions and provide support.

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