20 Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You In Islam

When you meet your soulmate, you’ll be filled with a sense of fulfillment. Your soulmate and you will share a planetary link. This bond will be so deep that you’ll feel it once you meet this person. We will discuss 20 signs your soulmate is thinking of you.

In various religions, it is considered that you will get married to your soulmate. But you should not take it for granted that your soulmate will offer you bliss. Because your loving spouse will test your patience as well. You will only find lasting happiness in paradise. 

Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You

When it comes to marriage, it is considered that your lawfully married husband or wife is your soulmate. Marriage brings you tranquility and true love. Any relationship between a man and woman outside marriage is not permissible in many religions. 

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‏And among His Signs (is) that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them; and He placed between you love and mercy. Indeed, in that surely (are) Signs for a people who reflect.  

Surah Ar Rum; Verse 21.

Along the course of this article, we will be discussing 20 signs that your soulmate is thinking about you.

1. The person appears in your dreams

Dreams are indeed very intriguing and humans haven’t yet understood the power of dreams. You will find many physical functions of sleep in the human body. It may sound surprising to you, but there are cases where two people share the same dream.

You may dream of your soulmate even if you haven’t seen the person too often. It may be the case that the person was in your mind subconsciously.

2. Feeling a connection

Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You Feeling a connection

Talking to the person for a few minutes will make you understand him or her. You are likely to feel a connection with that individual. It may almost feel like a telepathic connection.

You might get clear signs of soulmates’ arrival. The person that you choose to marry may pop up in your head for all the good reasons. He or she should definitely encourage you to work on yourself and be a better version of yourself.

3. There’s a smile on your face

Thinking about the person should make you smile more. This should be in a positive sense. You will get a sense of fulfillment. Simply thinking about the person will brighten up your day.

4. There is positive energy when you’re around them

Even if you remain further away from your potential partner or soulmate, you will still experience a sense of positive energy radiating. This positive vibe may be a sign your soulmate is on the way to meet you. 

5. You feel a sudden desire to be near them

feel a sudden desire to be near them

Being connected to your soulmate or life partner is a special feeling. You will feel a sense of strong tie towards them. You’re linked to your soulmate in such a way that goes well beyond any logic. Your soulmate should feel this connection too.

You may ask yourself, ‘Do soulmates feel the connection too?’ Well, this may be the case, as they might think about you as well.  

6. You hear the voice of your soulmate or partners

You may remain occupied with work, or chores, or simply lost in thought. But suddenly, hear the voice of your soulmate out of nowhere. This should benefit you and make you feel at ease.

Hearing the voice of your soulmate or partner should act as motivation to love and care about them. Hearing their voice is one of those signs that your soulmate is thinking of you as well.

7. Your soulmate is always on your mind

The person with whom you settle down will always be on your mind. The time and effort you put in should come back to you. You may have overwhelming thoughts of your soulmate. This is probably because they are thinking about you as well.

8. Your soulmate checks up on you frequently

One of the obvious signs your soulmate is thinking of you is, they check up on you. It may be a small text or even a quick call. This is how you know if your soulmate is truly thinking about you. 

If, as couples, you remain further apart from each other, then checking up on your significant other will bring you peace of mind and comfort. The fact they check up on you is one sign your soulmate is thinking of you.

9. You get goosebumps upon thinking about your soulmate

If you get goosebumps, chances are your significant other or soulmate is thinking about you. This should be quite easy for you to understand, as you’ll get a sense of comfort & assurance when this happens.

10.  You’re pleasantly surprised by your soulmate

surprised by your soulmate

Provided that you have a strong bond with your soulmate, this will make you want to surprise them. It can be as little as cooking their favorite dish or giving them a small gift. If your soulmate surprises you this way, it means they are thinking about you.

Your significant other wants to keep the relationship exciting. Also, this makes it quite obvious that you’re on their mind. 

11. You get a burst of energy suddenly

Even during the days when you’re feeling exhausted, you’ll get a sudden rush of energy and feel inspired to do things for your soulmate. One sign your soulmate is thinking of you and when they sincerely pray for you and channel their energy towards you.

You will feel a spontaneous energy rise within you if your significant other directs their positive energy towards you.   

12. There’s always an urge in you to improve

You are likely to be subconsciously thinking about your significant other or soulmate. Your soul is constantly on the lookout for your soulmate. You will want to always strive to be a better version of yourself. 

The thought and presence of your soulmate is also likely to improve yourself spiritually. An ideal soulmate should always remind you of Allah SWT and inspire you to strengthen your Iman.

13. You appreciate everything around you

Upon finding your soulmate you start appreciating even the smallest of details. You appreciate the blessings in life, and good health, and prefer spending quality time with your soulmate.

As you appreciate life more, you’re filled with a sense of fulfillment and joy within yourself. This helps you work more on yourself for everything that you’ve been provided in life.  

14. You feel your soulmate is thinking of you

If you get the gut feeling that someone is thinking about you, then chances are someone is. The gut feeling that we get is intuitive. When and if you’re feeling that something is going to happen, then trust your instinct.

Your soulmate may call you within minutes of you feeling that they are thinking about you. Chances are the same thing may happen with your life partner as well.

15. You feel motivated

One of the major signs that your soulmate is thinking about you is, instead of feeling hopeless, you feel motivated now. A sense of positivity replaces your negative emotions, and it gives you hope.

This feeling enables you to be more productive and work efficiently. The presence of your significant other should also motivate you to perform good deeds.  

16. You feel emotional suddenly

Everyone has their unique ways of expressing emotions. But a sign that your soulmate is thinking of you would be if you felt emotional suddenly. During times like this, send positive energy toward your significant other. Also, pray for their well-being.   

17. You have the feeling of positive energy around you

Everything that we see in and around us is in solid form. However, everything consists of energy. So, it should not surprise you if you sense positive energy, even when your soulmate is not around you.

18. They inspire you to work on yourself

The righteous soulmate will inspire and motivate you to work on your spirituality. He or she will think about what’s beneficial for you. They will remind you to pray.

This will help you to be a better version of yourself. The best of life partners are the ones who remain righteous and faithful towards each other. 

19. Everything starts making sense

Life is full of hardships and struggles, so not everything that happens will make sense. However, when your soulmate is thinking about you, it will feel as though everything is making sense. 

20. You will feel a shiver along your spine

Similar to having goosebumps, when your soulmate is beside you, you will feel a shiver down your spine. This, in fact, is a psychological reaction to the feeling that you experience for your partners. It’s a sign that your soulmate is thinking about you. 

We should be thankful to be bestowed with righteous life partners. 


Having a loving and righteous soulmate who thinks about you and cares is one of the biggest blessings in life. You should count yourself lucky for such a blessing. A righteous life partner will encourage you to work on yourself.

You should always strive to help your partner to be a better version of themselves. It will make living life worthwhile. We have jotted down 20 signs your soulmate is thinking of you in this article.    

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