Barriers to Effective Communication in Marriage | How To Improve?

As a man and a woman get married, they communicate quite differently. We are all well aware of this, but what we don’t know is how to improve certain Common Barriers to Effective Communication in Marriage. You won’t ever find a quick fix to communicating with your partner that will work every time. However, you may follow certain tips that will help you to communicate better with your spouse.

Following certain tips will make it easier for you to resolve conflict with your significant other. It may even help you to avoid any forms of dispute altogether. Couples may have different types of personalities that can lead to a common barrier while communicating within a marriage. This can sometimes be prevalent in an arranged marriage that takes place mostly in the East.

If you grow up in a family that has a lot of ruckus then there’s a chance that you’ll be molded accordingly. Whereas, if you’re brought up in a family where people do not talk unnecessarily then you may have a similar personality. So, a lot depends on how our family members are. This effectively shapes you up and decides how you communicate with everyone around you.  

Barriers to Effective Communication in Marriage

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Below are listed some of the things that can help you to avert a fight with your partner. On other occasions following certain tips can help you to reconcile easily.

Barriers to Effective Communication in Marriage

1. Be a good listener

It is important that you listen well to your partner. You should make it a habit to talk as well as listen, this is crucial in a successful marriage. How you respond to your spouse is even more important as you have an argument with your spouse. You should not let your emotions or anger overpower you. Rather persevere to be patient and listen to what your partner has to say.

2. Don’t be judgemental

Judging your partner will never lead you to a prosperous marriage. This in fact can be an obstacle in your marriage. You or your partner may genuinely be concerned about each other. But you should never be judgemental or suppress your feelings. This is because it may reach a boiling point when it inevitably breaks your marriage.

3. Do not accuse your partner

When we’re angry, we tend to accuse our partners. Rather than doing this, we should take some time and talk it out with our spouses about what’s bothering us. Accusing your partner unnecessarily will only make things worse. You need to understand that most arguments take place due to misunderstandings between spouses.

Do not accuse your partner

You should begin talking to your partner as “I”. Using “I” during a conversation will allow you to acknowledge a given problem with ease. For example, you may convey your feelings to your partner on how overwhelmed you feel on performing the chores around the household. This will enable you to talk about the root cause of a certain issue rather than accusing them.  

4. Do not express negative feelings

As we all know proper communication is crucial in a marriage. You need to communicate properly with your significant other in order to agree on an issue. If your partner continuously expresses negative feelings then it would prevent you from expressing yourself. There would be issues in a marriage if you aren’t able to express yourself properly.

Negative feelings show that you do not appreciate your spouse enough. Appreciation is one of the key ingredients in a successful marriage. Appreciating and complementing your significant other would show that you truly care about your spouse. This also creates a sense of belonging within spouses.

5. Be forgiving towards your partner

Being forgiving towards your partner is undoubtedly an important aspect in any marriage. If you’ve wronged your spouse then there is no shame in asking for forgiveness. Saying sorry would never make you small towards your spouse. The same goes for your partner as well.

In any marriage, there is bound to be fights and misunderstandings. It is okay to apologize to your spouse. If you make it a habit to forgive your spouse, then, your marriage should last through thick and thin. In any marriage communication is the key to success. Spouses must strive to be sympathetic and kind towards each other.

Make it a practice to be soft-spoken towards each other, speak to each other in loving words, and be kind towards your partner. 

6. Spend quality time with each other

You must make it a habit to spend quality time with each other. Simply sitting down and having a decent conversation can go a long way. This in fact creates an emotional connection and enhances love amongst spouses. You need to make it a habit to take some time out and share your thoughts with your spouse.

Spend quality time with each other

In any marriage to have effective communication you must have a proper environment and the right approach. It is crucial that spouses listen to each other and share their views. You must be able to share a joke and laugh with each other. This is only possible if you possess love for each other.

7. Learn to trust your significant other

A lack of trust can make or break any relationship. If your partner or you cannot trust them then it won’t be possible for either of you to confide in one another on how you feel. You won’t even know what’s going on in their lives. You need to remain fully committed to each other.

This begins with getting rid of all your bad habits. You need to make your partner realize that you trust them and in return, they should be able to trust you with their secrets as well. You need to be committed to your partner and be absolutely honest with them. It is vital that you’re able to forgive your spouse and move on. Partners are hugely benefited when both are able to trust each other. 

Communication barriers in relationships

Overcoming communication barriers in marriage is a major challenge these days. You need to learn to communicate with your spouse regarding each other’s expectations and desires. Only by having an honest conversation would you be able to succeed in having a lasting bond that would enable you to remain with each other through thick and thin.

Communication problems in marriage remain one of the major issues for most relationships these days. But you should keep in mind that relationship issues with your spouse can always be fixed. All you need to do is talk about the things that are important in your life. Also, you must identify the root cause of a given problem. Then you must work to find a solution to this problem.

Importance of Communication

Human beings always desire a strong necessity for belonging and connectivity. Interacting positively with our loved ones increases our well-being and serves us with greater satisfaction. 

It is vital that you become comfortable while expressing difficult feelings with your spouse.

You need to feel comfortable while expressing difficult feelings to your spouse –

  • If you’re able to express your feelings better by writing then you need to tell this to your partner.
  • Make your partner understand that you need to process all your thoughts before you start talking.
  • Let your spouse know how you feel and make it clear that you do not want to say or do anything that would hurt them.

What should I do if I can’t express my feelings to my partner?

It can be quite common for both men and women to hold back their feelings and navigate through their feelings on their own. Your partner may only choose to express their feelings once they feel they’ve processed it all.

As human beings, we all process emotions in a different way. It is vital that you do not make your husband or wife feel uncomfortable about communicating with you.

If your partner requires emotional support during tough times, then make sure to –

  • Write notes for them to let them know you’re here by their side.
  • Make your partner recall and reminisce happy memories about something they’ve lost.
  • You should make your spouse understand that you respect their ability to process their feelings privately.


You will find many common barriers to having effective communication in your marriage.

But as partners, you must persevere and overcome these obstacles together. Some of the common barriers that you face can be quite easy to overcome. Whereas, other barriers that you face may require professional help. The best thing you can do is to talk about it all with your spouse. This would undoubtedly help eliminate many major issues and enable you to prosper. Thus, you’ll have a satisfying conjugal life.

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