Is Oral Sex Haram In Islam

Couples try different practices and positions to get the most pleasure while having sex. However, there are certain controversial Western practices that Muslims of this generation adopted. Oral sex is one of those, and most Muslims don’t even know the rulings of it, and why is oral sex haram in Islam.

Oral sex is an intimate action that has to do with a mouth and a private part. Usually, when a male or female uses his or her mouth to stimulate his or her partner’s private part.

Textually, there is nothing mentioned in the Quran and Hadith directly regarding oral sex. But, according to the prominent scholars of these days, this practice is makrooh – advisable not to do. There are also other scholars who view this practice as HARAM.

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This article will tell you about why this practice is viewed as makrooh, and why some consider it as haram, and what is the wisdom behind all this. Whether you are already married or looking for a spouse, you should have a clear understanding of this matter.

Is Oral Sex Haram in Islam?

When it comes to oral sex, there are two aspects of this issue – the moral aspect and the religious aspect.

is oral sex haram in Islam

1. Moral Aspect

From a moral aspect point of view, this sexual act we notice in animals. They put their mouths on each other’s private parts.

Apart from this point of view, this certain act is a shameful one. We use our mouths to recite and make the dhikr of Allah. How come someone thinks about using the mouth for such filthy and dirty stuff?

According to several hadiths, the Prophet (PUBH) taught his companions not to touch their private parts with the right hand.

Now think about this, if touching the private part using the left hand is discouraged in Islam, what would be the stance of Islam putting the private part in the mouth?

This practice was not among Muslims in the early days. Through Western media and pornography, people became familiar with it, and they adopted this practice.

We can adopt something from other cultures only if that thing does not violate any aspect of the existing culture or modesty.

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2. Religious Aspect

Before going to what scholars have to say regarding the oral sex issue, let’s talk about some practice aspects of this practice, and see if it does any good or bad to an individual’s religion.

If a wife puts her husband’s penis in her mouth, after a short time, there will be pre-cum secretion from the penis. Pre-cum is nazas, impure. So, there is a high chance for the wife to swallow this crystal liquid. And if it goes into her stomach, she eats something haram.

A similar thing can happen with the semen. But, even if the husband does not want his wife to swallow his semen, still there will be some impurity coming from the penis. Pre-cum and semen can mix together, and enter into her stomach.

Forcing the wife to have oral sex, will eventually lead to forcing her to eat something haram. And only the husband will be responsible for this. However, if his wife does it willingly, she will also have to take responsibility for this.

Now, talking about putting the husband’s mouth on the vagina, almost a similar scenario can happen. Secretion from the famine part, meaning the vagina, is also impure. So, the husband may swallow it out of excitement or unwillingly.

So, according to Indo/Pak scholars and their fatwa books, taking the filth whether it be pre-cum or semen, in the mouth is haram, as these liquids are impure. From this point of view, it is clear why is oral sex a sin in Islam.

However, if someone indicates oral sex as kissing each other’s private parts, and avoids areas where the fluid comes from, it is not something haram. But, still, it would be makrooh, disliked.

Is Oral Sex Unhealthy?

Oral sex practice leads to several sexually transmitted diseases – STDs including throat cancer, gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, herpes, genital warts, and many other orogenital diseases.

To learn more about this, be sure to check this article out.

Pleasing Each Other Through Foreplays

There are other things husband and wife can perform as foreplay. Even though masturbation is haram for both males and females. But, the husband can perform masturbation, and similarly, the wife can masturbate her husband if one or both of them are unsatisfied after intercourse.

Oral Sex on Wife

The same ruling is applicable to a husband who gives oral sex/intimate to his wife. When the chances for discharge are higher, it is haram without a doubt.

But, kissing and doing other stuff in that particular area that has to do with the husband’s mouth, are viewed as makrooh in Shariah.

Do not forget, this is not the only way to please your wife. As a husband, you can use your fingers to please her if you find her unsatisfied after having a vaginal penetration.

As for foreplay, touching and doing foreplay in other areas should be more than enough for you to make her interested in having sex.

Is 69 Position Halal in Islam?

In Islam, sexual acts within a lawful marriage are permitted, provided they are consensual and do not involve any prohibited practices. While this specific 69 sex position may not be mentioned in religious texts, as long as it respects the principles of modesty and mutual consent, it is generally considered permissible.

Final Words

Hope you got a clear picture regarding why oral sex is haram in Islam and why it is disliked even with its less unhealthy and dirty form. Even if both the husband and wife engage in this practice, they should try not to do it further. It is harmful to one’s religion as well as from a health perspective.

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10 thoughts on “Is Oral Sex Haram In Islam”

  1. Yesterday an Indian pornstar died from Cervical cancer (with HPV) being a major cause of Cervical cancer and apparently throat and oral cancers too. I think ALLAH SWT has given the strongest hint that one can’t lick partner’s genitals by the fact that some form of najs aka secretion entering mouth is inevitable (like even if 0.001% najs entered mouth, its still haram right ?)…… And then to read that Oral sex leads to HPV (some being cancerous) and this HPV can eventually Integrate after many years into host’s DNA and cause cancer. I mean WOW. It looks like a punishment for those who do haram, but ALLAH SWT best.Sure a person’s mouth claim’s sexual gratification too. And that is exactly why ALLAH SWT made kissing of mouth and other parts pleasurable. So one can still attain gratification after avoiding sources of najs i.e Genitals and Anus….. Thank you so much for opening my eyes. Everything makes sense now especially the fact that trend of oral sex became normalised via porn and western life hmmmm !!!! May ALLAH SWT reward you with Jannat -Al Firdous for this effort.

  2. This is wrong and crazy to me on so many levels. God created those secretions and body parts. Also, some women do not feel any pleasure when a penis enters her. 100 perfect pain and the only thing that pleases her is oral because she is super sensitive and that’s how God made that area. We did not create these bodies. God did. Enjoy what he made and stop neglecting your spouses. Water with all the chemicals the water plants pour into the water is way more poisonous than our secretions. I know God is not pleased with human beings and the way we try to “buy” our way into the kingdom. That price was paid and we can’t afford to pay it with “anything” we do.

  3. Complete nonsense. It’s important to give context here. In the 7th century, the left hands were used for many unclean practices, including the washing of one’s behind and genitalia while the right hands was used for greetings and other clean purposes. Hence, it was important to not use the right hand for unclean purposes. Remember, people did not have much soap and water at the time and rarely take daily baths. This has nothing to do with sexual activity or spirituality. To use that to argue against oral sex is nonsense. Remember, oral sex existed at the time of the Prophet. If it was such forbidden activity there would have been an authentic Hadith about it as are most sexual practices.


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