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Sexual traditions and customs are different from origin to origin. However, through pornography and media, certain western (controversial) practices are adopted in Muslim majority countries. Oral sex is among those. Often scholars are asked by people – can I kiss my wife private parts, how does Islam validate this practice?

From the Shariah point of view, kissing a wife’s private part is not haram as long as there’s no discharge that can go to the husband’s stomach willingly or unwillingly.

However, it does not end here. From the taqwa point of view, such practices are discouraged, which I’ll discuss in this article in detail.

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Can I Kiss My Wife Private Parts In Islam?

As this practice wasn’t common in during the rise of Islam, there is no specific Quranic verse and hadith addressing this matter.

can I kiss my wife private parts in Islam

However, based on some Shariah principles (Usool), scholars of recent ages, adopted the following view regarding kissing wife’s private part for husband.

If there is no impurity (najas) on her private part, kissing and foreplay stuff will not be something haram. However, if there is discharge, and chances for the husband to take the discharge in his mouth, then this would be haram. It falls under the matter of eating haram things.

According to a number of scholars, it is permissible to kiss wife’s private part, meaning the vagina before intercourse. 

But scholars highly discourage kissing wife private parts in Islam for the following reasons – 

Oral Sex is Against Taqwah

A Muslims uses the tongue for Quranic recitation, and therefore it is against the taqwa to engage in oral sex on the both husband and wife.

In several hadith,

The Prophet ﷺ told the sahaba to not to touch their private parts with the right hand, and always use the left hand for doing so.

So, think that, if the Shariah high discourages touching the private part with the right hand, how would it be viewed if this matter was presented to the Prophet ﷺ, and how he would react to it?

Resembles Following the Jews and Christians

Undoubtedly, people learn this from pornography and filthy western movies that go against the morals and high values of Islam. This fantasy and desire came from western worlds; thus, it would be considered as following the Jews and Christians, which Prophet ﷺ strictly forbade and warned us about.

Has Health Risks and Concerns

Oral sex is responsible for several sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) including throat cancer, gonorrhea, herpes, syphilis, genital warts, chlamydia, etc. You can learn more on this health matter from this source.

All the mentioned things go the same for oral sex on husband as well.

You Can Please Your Wife without Oral Sex

You can satisfy your wife in bed through foreplay, kissing, touching, or even putting your fingers into her vagina if she wants. So, kissing your wife’s private part is not the only way to arouse her to have an enjoyable intimate moment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it haram to look at your wife’s private parts?

It is not haram at all to look at your wife’s private parts.

Can we touch private parts in Islam?

Prophet ﷺ told us to use the left hand to touch private parts when necessary.

Final Words

Every good and bad action has consequences and effects on us. Even though kissing wife’s private part is viewed as permissible to some extent, it is still an act that Muslims should restrain themselves from as it resembles the actions that pornstars and Jews and Christans do.

You do not know what effect this makrooh action can have in your personal or family life. Therefore, to ensure Taqwa, you should not do it, and try some other foreplay stuff to please your wife.

Hope you have no confusion left regarding your question ‘can I kiss my wife private parts in Islam’ or not.

Talha Ubaidullah
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