Is It Haram To Think Sexually? Get a Clear Understanding According to Islamic Thought

Is it haram to think sexually? Yes it is, let’s explain it. Firstly, we have to understand adulthood. When a girl or a boy is ready for sexuality, he or she might have sexual thoughts. This is normal. This is also the sign of puberty or the hormonal changes that the body goes through.

Secondly, If someone thinks sexually about a future husband or wife, it would be considered as Zina of the thoughts. If someone sees somebody and thinks about them sexually, it would be considered as Zina of the eyes. Zina itself is haram. [Ma’ariful Quran, volume 6, page 298, IdaaratulMa’arif]

If somebody is disrupted by sexual thoughts and it’s hampering their daily life, it is high time to get married. Thus, one can save themselves from the Zina.

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If somebody is disturbed by the constant sexual thoughts but can’t get married financially, they should avoid certain foods which help to provoke sexual thought often like, beef, milk, eggs and so on.

Is It Haram To Think Sexually

It is narrated by Abu Hurairah: The Prophet (ﷺ) said:

Allah forgives my followers those (evil deeds) their souls may whisper or suggest to them as long as they do not act (on it) or speak. [Saheeh Bukhari: 6664]

It is considered that the unprovoked or unintentional thoughts and the sins for that will be forgiven. This society is filled with inappropriate content scattered in social media and around. It’s tough to avoid such unwanted scenarios. But one should try to ignore and follow Allah’s guideline.

Sexuality is something that is beyond human control. Allah has blessed us with this special feeling so that the human race doesn’t end and produce children.

This desire can get destructive if it is properly controlled. Islam teaches us to fulfill all the desires in a chained way.


Will Allah Punish Me For Thinking About Sexual Relations?

Yes, Allah will punish him or her for thinking sexually. Anything thinking sexually is haram. Moreover, Allah will punish for doing anything that is haram

Is It Haram To Look At Your Private Parts?

For cleaning purpose, it is okay to look at one’s own private parts. Otherwise, playing with the private parts or having sexual thoughts by looking at it is not permissible.

Does Having Dirty Thoughts Break Your Fast?

Having dirty thoughts will not make one break the fast but it may lighten the sincerity of the fast. It is suggested not to bring sexual thoughts while fasting. Fasting doesn’t only mean being away from food but also keeping yourself away from sexual thoughts as well.

Is Learning About Sex Haram?

Learning about sex is very much essential and practical. It is not haram for one to learn about sex and sexuality keeping the self pure and untouched by anybody without marriage.

Is It Haram To Fantasize About Your Future Spouse?

Fantasizing about the future spouse is okay but fantasizing about the future spouse sexually is haram.

Last Words

One should understand that the haram deeds and thoughts should be abandoned right away.


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