How To Propose a Woman For Marriage?

If you’ve met the woman of your dreams and decided to settle with her, the first step you’ll need to take is to send a proposal. The moment of receiving a marriage proposal can be precious to any woman. And if the proposal is made in a unique manner, she will never forget it for the rest of her life.

Now, if you’re wondering how to propose to a woman for marriage, follow this complete guide. It consists of creative ideas to help you make the perfect proposal. 

What Are the Romantic Ways to Propose?

If you want to know some of the most romantic marriage proposal ideas, we have listed them below.

Romantic Ways to Propose?

1. Take Her to a Memorable Place

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Islam forbids meeting your wife-to-be alone. So, if you plan on taking her to a memorable place, a chaperone must be present on the spot. You can plan to propose to her at the place where you two first met. 

2. Write Her a Message

If you feel comfortable proposing to her virtually, you can write her a beautiful text message with the proposal at the end. Before doing that, you must get consent from your parents. Also, if you are a creative person, you can design a card online and send it to her. 

3. Arrange for Dinner

This idea will definitely surprise your wife-to-be. Plan a meetup with your partner in a chaperoned setting at the restaurant. Buy a bouquet and a proposal card beforehand. Before your partner and the chaperone arrive, tell the waiter what you want to order (make sure to include her favorite dishes), and give him the bouquet and the card to be brought along with the dishes. 

If the restaurant serves desserts, then you can skip the above idea and order a dessert with “Will you marry me?” written in chocolate on the plate. Tell the waiter to serve this at the end of the meal. 

4. Use the Balcony

Decorate a proposal message with flowers and string lights on your balcony. Ask for assistance from your friends or siblings for the decoration. Have your parents invite your partner and her family over for a meeting. After they arrive, ask your partner to close her eyes and have a female lead her to the balcony. It will be such an unexpected moment for her!

5. Send Her a Gift

Another great way to propose is by sending a thoughtful gift. You can choose a care package, a candle set, or anything she likes and send it with a customized note of your proposal. Whichever gift you plan to send to her, you must take consent from your parents first. 

6. Order Her Favorite Dish

If your partner is fond of pizza or any special cuisine, you can never go wrong using it for a proposal. Order her favorite food online along with a customized message and have it delivered to her house. 

Unforgettable Proposal Ideas

Since you’ll be making a proposal only once in your life, why not make it an unforgettable one? Here are some unique ideas to check out. 

Unforgettable Proposal Ideas

1. Family Gathering

In Islam, it is haram to meet your spouse-to-be alone, so you can involve the entire family in the proposal. Ask your parents to set up a meeting with the other party at your place. In the meantime, prepare a banner or placards with the proposal message. As the elders get busy chatting, tell your close friends and younger siblings to hold the banner or placards in front of them. 

2. Drones Hanging the Banner

To make the proposal unique, use a couple of drones to hold the proposal banner. You can either rent the drones or purchase them. Although preparation can take some time, the idea is worth it. Prepare a “Will you marry me” banner using a lightweight material and attach it to a couple of drones. 

With the help of a couple of friends, fly the drones with the banner near your partner’s house. Make sure she is able to see it from her window or the balcony. Once everything is set up, call her and tell her to look at the sky. The drones will record your partner’s reaction for you to see. 

3. Proposal on Eid

If you plan on proposing your spouse-to-be on Eid, she will be delighted to receive it. Send her a cake along with a bouquet and a greeting card containing the proposal message.

Cute Proposal Ideas

Wondering how to propose a woman for marriage in a cute way? Here are some ideas that are worth trying. 

Cute Proposal Ideas

1. Handmade Bouquet

Your spouse-to-be will be amazed to receive something that is handmade with love. Take a flower arranging course and make a special bouquet for your partner. Hide a note in the bouquet and send it over to her place. Along with the purpose of proposing to her with the bouquet, you’ve also gained a new skill. 

2. Custom Etched Glass

Glass etchings are pleasant to look at and are great for decorations. Take a glass etching course and use your skills to etch a customized message and designs on a glass. If you don’t want to create it on your own, you can use a glass etching service to do the job for you. 

3. Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Sending a customized jigsaw puzzle for marriage proposal is quite unique. With the help of a reliable puzzle-making service, you can create your own jigsaw puzzle. Use a photo of the proposal message written on paper or designed using software, and create a jigsaw puzzle with it. Send the puzzle to your partner’s address and wait for her reaction. 

4. Personalized QR Code

Last but not least, you can customize a QR code with your proposal message. Use an online service to create a QR code and print it on a tag. Purchase a special gift for the woman you want to be with and attach the tag to it. When your partner receives the gift, tell her to scan the code. 

What is the Best Way to Propose to a Woman?

According to Shariah, the best way to propose to a woman is to approach on your own instead of sending someone to go to her guardian on your behalf. When al-Mugheerah ibn Shu’bah (may Allah be pleased with him) proposed to a woman, the Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Go and look at her, for that is more likely to create love between you.”

If the woman agrees, then a mahr should be decided between the two parties and also the wedding preparations should be planned. It is permissible to do the proposal and the marriage contract at once, delay the contract after the engagement, and also delay consummation after the contract. 


How to Propose for Marriage in Islam?

In Islam, one of the parties must make a proposal to the other party. Upon accepting the proposal, both the bride and the groom must say, “Ijab-e-Qubool”, which means “I agree”. They should say it on their own free will and not under the influence of anyone.

Can I Talk to a Girl I Want to Marry in Islam?

Islam permits talking to a girl you intend to marry in the presence of a chaperone. If you want to talk to her in person, you should take someone with you to maintain the purity of the relationship. And if you want to talk or chat with her over the phone, make sure to do so in front of someone.

Final Thoughts

Making a marriage proposal can be nerve-wracking since it makes you anxious about whether the person you love will accept it or not. If matters regarding the marriage are all settled, your wife-to-be reciprocates your love, and you propose to her the right way, there is a high chance that she will say, “I agree”.

Hopefully, you now have a good idea of how to propose a woman for marriage.

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