How to Deal with a Lazy Wife? 10 Ways to Get Her Moving!

Marriage life is mostly about having patience. But when you find her with lazy wife syndrome, things get a bit more difficult than usual. There can be several reasons and factors for your wife to be lazy. These issues must be addressed to make sure you are treating her well to bring the much needed change.

The sooner you put yourself in her shoes, the easier you can handle it. It’s not that the entire thing is on herself.

This will be quite an explanatory guide on how to deal with a lazy wife in a mostly psychological manner. Because you can’t force her to change within a day or two, but showing and encouraging how to do it will be a much more effective and less stressful way of dealing with the issue.

Understanding the Reason for Her Being Lazy

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Is your wife lazy from the beginning, meaning the early days of your marriage life? Or, is it just that you find her acting lazy recently?

If the former is the case, then it will take time and effort to change her.

Otherwise, if she’s just being lazy these days, and you aren’t able to find any reason, that’s one of the signs of a lazy wife. But the good thing is, dealing with her won’t be that difficult.

There can be some physical issues as well, which you must address in a proper manner to make sure it’s not harming her even more.

How Do You Know If Your Wife is Lazy or Having a Mental Health Issue?

  • If after any recent incident, your wife is acting like this, it’s probably that she isn’t actually lazy. Rather, something is holding her from doing things, or she can’t find enough motivation to do things as before.
  • Since the pandemic, a considerable number of people are facing a lot of stress and anxiety. If this is the case, she’s probably not a lazy thing.
  • She might be stressed with her job.
  • See if you ask or other family members ask too much of her. Even if a small request seems overwhelming, she must be tired of serving you or other members.
  • If she has any previous record of being screened for depression or other issues that have to do with mental health, it’s definitely not laziness.
  • Often people tend to be lazy when they have a deficiency of certain vitamins as well as minerals.

How to Deal with a Lazy Wife: 10 Effective Tips

For husbands, these are the actions you must take to deal with your wife. If you’re looking for how to motivate a lazy husband, these are pretty much the same things for you to follow.

1. Understand What’s Wrong is Going with Her

How to Deal with a Lazy Wife, What’s Wrong is Going with Her

If there’s any particular reason for her being so lazy, talk to her to make room for letting it all out. Ask her in a very polite manner, if anything bad happened or what is making her act like this.

You can appreciate her efforts for you and the family to make her understand that you aren’t insulting her. And then, ask her about the matter.

If there’s no issue at all, then appreciating her efforts, motivating her, and a little chit-chat should bring her back onto the track.

Make sure you don’t argue while talking and don’t push too much to an extent that would make her feel more lethargic.

2. Encourage Her to Become Active

Encourage Her to Become Active

It may sound weird, but lazy people are actually creative. They find the most effective ways to solve problems. So, even if your wife is a full-time lazy person, she must have some crazy talented skills.

No matter what those are, always praise her skills, and encourage her to do more. Some people wait for others to push them to keep going. They don’t really work hard unless they’ve no other option left.

If you find your wife one of them, be sure to strictly tell her what to do. But don’t be so strict that she starts to hate you for this.

3. Don’t Make Fun of Her

Your wife has this shortcoming of being lazy, and if you make fun of it or be sarcastic, she won’t take it positively. In most cases, it will end up with a fight.

It’s natural for you to get angry seeing all things messed up, uncleansed kitchen sink and chores, and whatnot. But if you fail to express in a respectful manner, she ain’t going to give her laziness up. It won’t work. Make sure you don’t hurt her sentiments.

4. Set Example

If you are wondering how to motivate my wife to take care of household work, you will need to set an example first.

The best way to encourage your partner is not to tell her what to do and what not to do. In married life, things rarely work this way. Oftentimes when you say or tell anything to do on a regular basis, the partner seems to take it lightly.

Rather, showing her how to do things is the right approach. Say, you want her to clean dishes, which she doesn’t do at all. You clean dishes for her. Make sure she is well-known about this matter. After some days or even weeks, hopefully, your wife will clean the dishes for you.

5. Ask for Her Help

When you’re really busy doing your office stuff, and can’t spend time on household work like cleaning, laundry, etc. politely ask her if she can do it for you.

Once she realizes you’re counting on her, it will make her feel important and valued.

When she sees that both of you are busy doing household work, she will do a lot of things without even asking her to do.

6. Workout Together

Exercise is one of the best ways of keeping a person more energetic and active. I don’t mean both of you have to hit the gym really hard for a couple of hours and 5 days a week. A 20-min walk around the neighborhood will do it just fine.

You guys can also join yoga classes or kickboxing. Easy exercises that you can perform at home such as pushups, pullups, squats, and other similar workouts can make an impact on her laziness.

7. Be a Good Supporter to Her

Be a Good Supporter to Her

You are doing pretty much everything, and still, it’s possible that there’s not much noticeable difference in her. It can be a bit hard for her to snap out of laziness overnight, and things don’t go this way. When it comes to dealing with a lazy wife, you will have to keep trying with patience.

Even if you notice a tiny bit of change, highly appreciate her for the effort she’s making. If you find her depressed and stressed, be the shoulder for her to cry on. The more you will understand her feelings and situation, the faster it will push her to bring the much needed change.

8. Engage Herself to do Things that She Prefers

You should know what things your partner is excellent at. If she’s an expert on effective planning, allow her to do it on a regular basis.

Also, if there’s something that makes her more efficient, engage herself in that thing as well to bring the most out of her efforts.

You might find that this method isn’t working for all purposes. It’s fine, the purpose wasn’t even doing things in the most efficient way possible. The primary goal is to get her back to normal. That’s what really matters.

If you don’t know about things that she prefers to do, you have all the time in the world to sit down with her to talk about this.

The same thing goes if you are struggling with how to motivate a lazy husband.

9. Make Sure the Sex Life is Sound

Good sex highly boosts the self-esteem of both husband and wife. It will make her feel more active and stimulated to do pretty much anything.

Be sure to be intimate on a regular basis, even if it’s once a week. Even though this might not help firsthand, it will surely make things easier for your wife to do.

10. Encourage Her Religiously with Prayer

If she’s religious, you can gather quotes from Holy Quran on hard work, punctuality, time management, etc. similar stuff. This will push her from the inside, and encourage her to consider helping with household work as a virtue. Read more Articles on Dua for Married Couples.

When to Seek Professional Counseling?

You wonder what to do with a lazy wife even after trying countless times.

If any of the above methods don’t work for you, it’s better to get some professional counseling. The counselor will address the exact issues and suggest more effective ways for her to get rid of her laziness.

It happens a lot that the husband comes with a list of signs of a lazy wife, but the wife argues and denies all factors. A counselor will act as a third party to pinpoint her issues. And she won’t have anything to counter that.

Once the issues are identified, you guys address the issues in the suggested ways. Hopefully, everything will get back to its normal state.

Final Words

Hope the above information will help you to handle the lazy wife syndrome issue. If someone else ever asks you how to deal with a lazy wife, you will be able to make things clear to that person.

Don’t burden yourself, rather understand what’s the psychological thing going on inside her, and then address it following any of the above methods.

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