Dua to Soften Someone’s Heart

When things get out of control, all you can do is make a sincere dua. Dua is certainly one of the things that can change Qadr, according to an authentic hadith.

As Allah SWT controls everyones’ heart, if you do not ask him anything haram, and do things that are needed to change the person’s heart, it is very possible then.

Even though there is no specific dua to soften someone’s heart mentioned in Quran and Sunnah regarding this matter, you can always make dua in your own words.

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Can Allah Change Someone’s Heart?

As Allah SWT created everything including us, the human, he has supreme control over our hearts. Of course, we have free will to place whatever thing we want in the heart, but it will not happen without the permission of Allah, the highest.

Can Allah Change Someone’s Heart?

So, yeah, as he is the one who created our hearts, he can change them whenever he wants.

Our hearts can change or turn into both good and bad things. In most cases, it is up to us to decide whatever direction we want to lead our hearts.

For example, if you want to read the Quran every day, but you do not feel like it if you make dua to Allah SWT, he will make you feel like reading the Quran.

Similarly, if you want to do anything haram, Allah SWT will make it easier for you to do that thing. This is because you wanted it in the first place.

However, there are times when Allah SWT directs our hearts in the opposite direction forcefully.

If someone plans to kill his/her friend and takes the initiative for it, suddenly Allah SWT can change his/her heart, and the willingness to harm that person will be gone.

Dua to Soften Someone’s Heart

Actually, there is no specific strong Wazifa to control someone mentioned anywhere in the Quran and books of hadith. But you can make dua with your own words.

Duas’ that talk about Allah’s SWT power over our hearts, can be used to combine with our own words. There is a dua regarding Allah’s control over our hearts –

Dua to Soften Someone's Heart
“Ya muqallibal qulub, thabbit qalbi, a’la deenik.”

Here, ‘Ya muqallibal qulub’ means ‘Oh the turner of heart’. Use this phrase from this dua, and ask Allah SWT to change the person’s heart that you want.

But keep in mind, if you make dua for haram a relationship or anything that has to do with haram stuff, your dua will not be answered.

Dua to Soften Husband’s Heart

It does not feel good when your loved ones do not behave well with you. When it is from your spouse, it feels even worse.

Dua to Soften Husband’s Heart

One thing is for sure if someone’s heart is not corrupt, that person is less likely to misbehave with others.

Again, you will not find any specific dua or wazifa to soften your spouse’s heart, you can make dua in your own words.

Simply maintain minimal procedures of making dua – glorify your Lord, and send durud and salam to the Prophet Muhammad, and then ask Allah SWT to make a special place for you in your spouse’s heart.

Also, keep in mind that you will have to do every possible thing to soften his/her heart. It will not work if you make dua for your spouse, and do things that make him/her angry.

Dua to Put Love in Someone’s Heart

The same words go here as well. You will have to make dua in your own words. The chances of accepting the dua will be higher if you follow the common etiquette of making dua.

There are certain times for accepting dua. Pay special attention to it as well. Keep making dua with certainty that as Allah SWT is giving you a chance for making the prayer, he will surely accept it.

But if you make dua to make someone think about you with the intention of doing anything haram, your dua will not be accepted. Hence, there are several signs that indicate your soulmate is thinking of you.

Dua for Peace of Mind and Heart

One of the names of Allah SWT is As-Salam (peace). So, if you are to have peace, you must utter this name while making dua.

There is a beautiful dua mentioned in the hadith.

“Allahumma anta al-salam wa minka al-salam tabarakta ya dhal-jalali wa’l-ikram.”

(O Allah, You are the One Who is free from all defects and deficiencies and from You is all peace, blessed are You, O Possessor of majesty and honor)

Allah is As-Salam, and you will have to seek peace from him. And this is one of the etiquettes of making dua that you mention the relevant name of Allah SWT while making dua.

As when we ask forgiveness, we mention Al-Garuf, Al-Gaffar, similarly, for attaining peace in mind and heart, mention Salam in your dua. Allah is peace, and all peace certainly comes from him, the most high.


How do you pray dua for someone?

There is no specific format of supplication for this. Glorify your Lord, send durud to the Prophet, and make dua in your own words.

One of the beautiful things about making dua for someone while his/her absence is that the angles make similar dua for you. And the chances of accepting angles dua is higher.

Can I ask Allah to make someone fall in love with me?

Falling in love is not itself haram. But what that love will make you do will determine whether it will be haram or halal.

That being said, you can ask Allah SWT to make someone fall in love with you with the intention of getting married. Making unnecessary conversations, meetings, chatting, gazing, etc. is considered haram.

How do you soften a hardened heart?

Sincere dua, quranic recitation, dhikr of Allah, istigfar, durud, etc. soften hearts the most. You might not get quick results, but if you continue doing these deeds consistently, over the time, you will feel that your heart is softer than before.


Having a soft heart is a blessing. And being with someone who has a soft heart, is also a blessing for both that person and people surrounding him/her. But our hearts might not remain soft all the time. It would require nurture and nourishment. Dua is your weapon to soften the heart. It is one of the keys to unlocking hearts.

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