13 Signs God is Working on Your Marriage

Marriage is one of the signs of Allah SWT, and oftentimes there are signs God is working on your marriage that you might not even realize.

If your Lord wants you to get married, he will show you signs, and make it easy for you to find a life partner, and get married.

Similarly, if you are already married, and facing some issues, still you will see signs that Allah is helping you to get everything fixed.

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If you are not sure about these signs, this article will help you in this regard. Once you can realize these helping signs from Allah SWT, it will be somewhat easier for you to keep going.

Signs God Wants You to be with Someone

It starts from the pre-marriage stage. When you are about to get married, and looking for a spouse, there are signs telling you that you are getting help from Allah regarding your marriage.

13 Signs God is Working on Your Marriage

1. Increase in Your Income

To maintain a family well, you will have to have a minimum amount of earnings to provide for the family. So, if you already have a job or you do a business, from which you earn a good amount of money or the amount is sufficient for a small family, consider it as the first sign from your Lord that he is providing you rizq for your spouse.

Now, it can happen that you do not have that much money or a stable job to provide the necessary stuff for your family. In this case, the door of rizq or Barakah can be opened after you get married. Once your spouse comes into your house, Allah SWT will increase your rizq, and put blessing in your earnings.

2. Makes It Easier for You to Find Your Spouse

When you’re looking for your spouse through a marriage media or your relatives, things won’t be that complicated for you. You would find the right person from the right family and background as you were looking for.

However, that doesn’t mean those who struggle to find a spouse, don’t get help from Allah SWT in this regard. But having the right intention, keeping your priorities straight, and keeping it simple shouldn’t cause much delay if you knock on the right door to get your spouse.

3. Your Gratitude Increases

Once you guys are married, your gratitude towards Allah about this marriage will increase. Both of you, the husband and the wife will be happy that Allah SWT brought them together. Also, you guys will be constantly reminding each other about duties towards Allah SWT.

Signs God is Working on Your Marriage

Things might not work as you planned after six months or a year of the marriage. Your expectations might not meet. There will be ups and downs, sorrow and happiness too. Things might also seem that Allah is punishing you through your spouse. That’s because after marriage, your sins will have consequences in your marriage life, and the same goes for your spouse.

However, there are still signs God is restoring your marriage from time to time. If you’re unable to identify those, this section will help you in this regard.

1. You Show Mercy Towards Your Spouse

It’s okay to have some bad times between you when things don’t work no matter how hard you try. Still, if you can show mercy for your spouse, that means Allah SWT is giving you the strength to handle your spouse in the most appropriate manner.

See, having sabr is the core foundation of marriage life. When both of you have this characteristic no matter for only a few numbers of matter, it still shows that Allah SWT is with you guys.

2. You Can Work on Your Limitations

People make mistakes, and that’s what makes them human. You can have issues, which your spouse doesn’t like, but the thing is you gotta work on yourself to improve those issues.

If it’s that you’re continuously working on yourself, and the same goes for your spouse, both of you’re working to be a better spouse for each other, it’s a very bold sign of Allah SWT mercy.

3. Feeling More Loved and Appreciated

If you find that your spouse is loving you more than you expected, and the person appreciates your efforts no matter how small those are, it’s a strong sign that Allah put you together for your good, he is putting blessing in your life.

4. Your Spouse Can Do Anything to Please You

One of the signs God is working on your marriage is that you will find your spouse is willing to do anything possible to please you, to seek your attention. No matter how hard it is for him/her to do a thing if that thing has to do anything with your happiness, your spouse will not even think twice before doing it.

5. You Find Peace in Your Marriage

Regardless of your financial condition, work stress, kids issues, and other problems, if you find peace and contentment with your marriage life, rest assured that God wanted you to be with someone to reduce stress from your shoulders.

However, make no mistake thinking that peace means when everything goes in your favour.

Peace in marriage life means that no matter how stressed you are and how many problems you and your family are going through, your spouse is someone who will give you comfort. He/she will make you forget about those issues for a while, and encourage you to keep pushing to your limits to make sure your end goes well.

6. Your Spouse Wants You to Unleash Your Full Potential

This might not get your attention, but if your spouse is always supportive and helpful for you to become the best version of you, take him/her as a blessing from Allah SWT that he gave you someone who will make sure you make it till the end.

7. Your Spouse Keeps Promises and Words

A blessed spouse is the one who keeps all the promises and words even when things do not work well between the husband and wife. During ups and downs, one must come forward to discuss and make things right. If your spouse has this characteristic, consider it as one of the signs God is restoring your marriage.

Sooner or later for those promises and words, things will get a lot better between you guys.

8. When You Always Feel Closer to Your Spouse

It might sound weird but not all couples feel close to each other. If you are one of those lucky couples, and both of you feel close to each other, consider yourselves blessed. Regardless of hardships in your life, your relationship with your spouse will get stronger and vice versa.

9. Your Relation Just Feels Better than the Previous State

How was your relationship with your husband or wife a year ago? And how is it now?

If you feel that your relationship is better now than the previous one, it’s one of the signs that God is working on your marriage, and hopefully, it will get better gradually.

10. Your Spouse Spends More Time with You

Often times couples complain that they do not spend quality time together. Whether it is for friends, colleagues, family members, and other non-influential individuals, it is never healthy for your relationship.

If it is the opposite, meaning your spouse manages time to spend with you, it is a good sign. Only this matter will make a lot of things easier for your conjugal life.

11. Forgives Each Other

We humans make mistakes.

Now, there are two parts when it comes to making mistakes, and forgiving each other.

Both you and your spouse forgive past mistakes of each other. Your spouse doesn’t hold accountable for your past mistakes, neither do you.

Making mistakes after marriage is quite common. But, as a life partner, you should be able to forgive your spouse’s mistakes as long as it is not something severe like cheating.

12. Praying for Each Other and Reminding About Worship

As a husband and wife, both of you want to make it till the Jannah. For that, you should be praying for each other. Also, for worldly affairs, couples should pray for each other to make things to their favour.

It is common even for a religious person to feel weak in iman and good deeds. A couple should remind each other of worship and religious obligations to make sure their iman is strong, and they can handle tough situations with that strength. And obviously, it will make your road to the Jannah easier.

13. You Trust Each Other and Respect Each Other’s Opinion

Trust is a vital thing in marriage. If there is no trust, there will eventually be a divorce. If you guys trust each other, it is a super positive sign that Allah put the right person in your life.

Also, as long as it is not about haram matters, both of you should respect each other’s opinions and actions. This will reduce the chances of unnecessary arguments.


How do you let go and let God fix your marriage?

For letting go, you must forgive your partner’s mistakes. Then do your obligations towards this relationship, seek Allah’s help through prayer, and hopefully, your marriage will be fixed soon. But have patience because it may take some time.

How do you know if God wants you to stand for your marriage?

If you find signs that indicate trust, affection, care, respect, and forgiveness in your relationship, you can rest assured that God wants you to stand for the marriage. Just do your responsibility carefully, and things will get better.

Is your life partner decided by God?

Allah ordered a pen to write everything’s qadr even before creating the earth and heavens. So, yes, your life partner is decided by God.

Is God working in my prodigal spouse?

If you find your spouse is willing to take responsibility or act responsibly towards this marriage and keeps promises and words, you can consider it as a sign that God is working in your prodigal spouse. There is still hope.

Final Words

Having a hard time in your marriage doesn’t mean that things will not get right in the future. No never knows how Allah SWT will help you through the difficulties. Just keep doing your responsibilities and obligations towards your relationship, and you will see signs God is working on your marriage.

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