Why Do Women Complain So Much?

‘My wife complains all the time’ – this is probably the most common statement of husbands about their wives. If you are wondering why do women complain so much; well, it is because of their Fitrah, social norms, and stereotypes, women tend to complain more.

There are both personal ways of upbringing and physiological factors that lead women to show such behavior.

Sometimes, it becomes really hard to tolerate this behavior. But, knowing the mechanism or reason behind this character, will make things easier for men to understand women better.

The Reasons Why Do Women Complain So Much Than Men?

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Based on personal experience, knowing about other people, and digging deep into how physiatrists explain this matter, here are some of the main reasons why do housewives complain so much in their day-to-day life –

Why Do Women Complain So Much?

1. She Feels Insecure about the Marriage

When a wife suspects her husband’s tone, activity, and whatnot, she will usually complain more and urge him in an interrogative way.

If the husband does not spend time with his wife, then she would wonder with whom he has been busy all the time.

This is one of the main reasons, which can also affect other issues in married life.

The way to put an end to this is to spend more time with your wife and make her feel that you are happy with her and that no one is going to replace her. It will make her feel secure about the marriage, and she will also stop complaining about other matters.

2. She Wants to Hurt You with Her Words

She Wants to Hurt You with Her Words

These women want their men to intentionally hurt with their words. She ain’t going to stop until her husband goes through hell. Whether for revenge or avenging, the husband should not react to make things less damaging.

Just get rid of the situation by apologizing and asking for her forgiveness. During such situations, women often forget how much they mean to their husbands. Make time for her to make her realize how much you care for her, what she means to you, and her contribution to your life.

3. When She Defenses Herself

One of the most common reasons why women feel that they are always on the defending side is because they view their husbands as a threat. This grows a constant approach of making them equal to men, which often leads to complaining about a whole lot of stuff.

Make your woman know that you are always on her side no matter what. You are playing your role, and she needs to play her to make your marriage life free of obstacles.

4. For Bullying Personality

If your woman has a bullying personality, things might get a bit tougher than usual. This type of person usually complains to establish their point of view regarding any matter, more like ‘it is my way or highway’ kind of stuff.

To handle such a person, all you have to do is to agree regarding that specific matter when her mood is okay. It will prevent her from disagreeing further when situations get tougher for her.

5. Out of Fear

Out of Fear

Excessing fear in a person often leads to complaining too much when things do not get the way the person wants.

If your lady has the habit of living in fear on a regular basis whether it is not a legit reason or not, complaining is a normal response when she sees that things do not go well according to her plans or expectations.

The woman can feel that something bad is going to happen, and she is overly concerned about the matter. When there is a little bit of a twist, she freaks out!

Take special care of such a person. Talk to her regarding any specific matter, get her clear about it, and only ask her to pray to make things go favorably.

6. High Expectations

This might sound similar to the previously discussed issue. But it is a bit different. If your woman has high expectations regarding any matter, and when things do not work according to her plan or expectation, she might complain and even worse mock you for it even if you are not the person responsible for this.

To deal with such a person, you must cool her down first, and it will take a bit more time. Help her to plan and execute the task. When she is involved, it might prevent her from complaining too much when things do not work as planned.

7. Impatience Nature

Impatience Nature

Due to the impatience nature of thinking about anything, complaining is a common scenario. If the lady is impatient regarding a matter, she does not even want to wait for the results and will complain when things do not seem as expected. This type of person has a constant complaining personality disorder.

Work on her impatient behavior, otherwise, she will keep repeating it again and again.

8. She Wants to Seek Attention

If you find out of nowhere your wife constantly complains about everything, it is probably because she wants your attention. Typically, girls are attention seekers. They speak loudly to get focus too.

Spend more time with your wife if she is doing it consistently. Oftentimes we do not have time to sit and talk about random things with our wives. This is probably the main reason why women complain too much to their husbands.

9. When You Do Not Treat Her Equally

There are husbands who do not treat their wives equally. If this is the case for you, you should not even ask the question why do housewives complain so much, because you are the person responsible for this.

Women will raise their voices if they do not get equal treatment or at least the treatment that is rightfully theirs. She will be arguing and whatnot.

Even if you are not a feminist, do not let her feel that you are somehow limiting her rights. Make it clear about her privileges from a religious perspective. Men and women are not equal. In some cases, men have the upper hand over their wives, and in many cases, women dictate to men religiously. Making your women realize this can take time. So, do not rush.

Other Reasons Responsible for Making Women Complain More

Above, I have discussed typical day-to-day stuff that mostly makes a woman complain more about anything. However, the root causes lie somewhere else, and I am going to point out some of those major reasons why men usually do not complain much, and why it is the women who do it.

1. Upbringing

Society teaches men to swallow up their grievances. Complaining is not something men should do. Only taking action towards a problem can make the way to solving it.

This is kind of true and legit. However, it left a door open for women to complain when something goes wrong, which is not right in any case. Both men and women are often responsible for this, and both of them should work towards solving the issue.

2. Social Customs

You can also blame the culture for such behavior in women. In the UK, it is okay for women to ‘take the piss out’ of their loved ones.

Similarly, Irish people, mostly women, use slang to express affection towards someone.

In Australia, women often take the mickey out of their mates.

See, this is how our society made women complain to their husbands more than usual.

3. Spoiled Girls

Parents are more sensitive when it comes to their girls. There are even more spoiled princesses and daddy girls than what is the case for boys. This sense of entitlement treatment affects their mindset and makes them complain more than usual when they are mature.

4. Men are to Blame

Can you point out cases where women are blamed over men? Rather, you will find lots of examples for the opposite scenario. When women abuse men, you will hardly find people saying that the man did not do anything wrong.

This makes women do wrong and still complain and blame it on men.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do wives nag so much?

In most countries, it is okay for women to nag men. Due to this social custom women feel it is completely okay to complain more than usual.

Also, society tells men to take responsibility and work to solve any specific problem. For this, men have no time for complaining in the first place.

2. Why does someone complain all the time?

If someone is habituated to complaining all the time no matter what happens, it is probably because of a constant complaining personality disorder.

In women, when they feel threatened, feared, and get hurt, usually complain every now and then without any valid reason.

Also, wives typically complain a lot when they do not get the attention or time they deserve from their husbands.

3. How much complaining is too much in a relationship?

As long as the complaints do not seem overburdened or do not turn into lies, it is somewhat okay to complain in a relationship.

If the person who complains all the time, does not feel sorry or remorse over his/her behavior even if it is after a few days or weeks, then it is probably not okay. This would turn the relationship one-sided, and will not bring much good.


To summarize this article, women are brought up by society to complain to their men whenever anything goes wrong. Also, there are some behavioral issues as well as disorders that lead to this issue.

So, if you are asking why do women complain so much, see if you give your wife quality time on a regular basis and the attention, she wants from you. In most cases, working on this particular stuff will reduce the headache a lot.

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