Top 5 Bangladeshi Matrimonial Sites In The USA

Matrimonial sites are popular among those who are serious about marriage. A reliable matrimonial site offers peace of mind to singles looking for a partner. There are plenty of such sites based in different countries, including Bangladesh. 

Bangladeshi singles living in the USA typically use sites based on their home country. The main reason is it gives them a chance to connect primarily with people of the same nationality. A good example of a Bangladeshi matrimonial site in the USA is Noble Marriage

List of Top 5 Bangladeshi Matrimonial Sites in the USA

Whether you’re living in Bangladesh or in the USA, you’re welcome to try out our top 5 picks:

1. Noble Marriage

Noble Marriage | Best Bangladeshi Matrimonial Sites In The USA
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One of the best matrimonial website in Bangladesh is Noble Marriage. The company prioritizes halal matrimonial service to practicing Muslims around the world. Unlike the majority of matrimonial sites, Noble Marriage follows Islamic guidelines. Therefore, you’ll be able to pursue your marriage journey in a halal way. 

Being a modern platform launched in 2019, NobleMarriage allows users to find their partners in a hassle-free manner. It features an advanced matchmaking algorithm to let you view profiles matching your criteria. There’s no room for fake accounts since each profile undergoes verification upon registration. 

A laudable aspect of this platform is that it prioritizes the privacy and modesty of female users. While there are options for blurring photos, there’s a dedicated team for marking inappropriate messages. They’re also working on isolating the female database to be handled by female staff only. 

Noble Marriage also offers an app should you want to check notifications on the go. 

2. Taslima Marriage Media

Taslima Marriage Media

Taslima Marriage Media is a popular Bangladeshi matchmaker that has been providing service since 2011. The agency strives to offer its clients a happy married life. Bangladeshis residing in the country or anywhere in the world can utilize their service to find the perfect marriage partner

Taslima Marriage Media aids with matchmaking both online and offline. They have a dedicated team to provide marriage counseling and assist you with your search. Thousands of clients were able to have successful marriages through their service. 

Each profile registered on the platform is screened by staff members to ensure you get to interact with people serious about marriage. Using the search option, you can select a profile from an exhaustive database. Your privacy is valued as well since your profile can be seen by registered users only. 

3. Biyeta


Biyeta is another reliable matrimony platform serving thousands of clients around the world. It started its journey back in 2015 to help singles connect with their potential better half. 

Unlike most Bangladeshi matrimony websites with substandard usability, Biyeta is an exception. Users can easily sign up, fill in their profile and start searching for their soulmates. It also incorporates a complex matchmaking algorithm into its system so that it displays profiles based on mutual preferences. 

The company is also serious when it comes to user privacy. People won’t be able to view your profile unless you allow them to do so. Even if anyone registers their profile with false information, the staff members will take necessary action. 

To facilitate the search, Biyeta accepts requests from clients to have their criteria posted on the company’s Facebook page. 

4. Marriage Match BD

Marriage Match BD

Marriage Match BD is one of the leading matrimonial platforms inaugurated in 2006. Since then, thousands of singles have met their dream partners and enjoying a blissful life.

The site offers an extensive database featuring single Bangladeshi men and women across the globe. You will find genuine profiles on the site since all of them undergo verification. By using the search option, you can filter profiles that match your preferences. 

In case you don’t find your desired partner, there’s an opportunity to get assistance from the staff members offline. They will personally recommend you a list of matches after checking your information. 

5. Bibahabd


Bibahabd has been fulfilling the needs of Bangladeshi singles since 2007. The company serves people residing in Bangladesh and abroad. It has a secure environment with a database of genuine user profiles to look at. The team ensures each profile undergoes verification before it goes live.

The platform’s search option allows you to find members based on categories, like profession, education, country,  and horoscope. It makes it easy for you if you’re looking for someone with a certain background. 

Bibahabd also respects users’ privacy by allowing them to hide their display picture until they accept proposals from other members. 

Other than that, the staff members at Bibahabd are always there to assist you with anything regarding marriage. You can set up an appointment with a particular staff member and consult with them. Doing so ensures you’re on the right track to finding your potential spouse. 

Tips for Using a Bangladeshi Marriage Website

The reason you’ve signed up on a matrimony site is to find your dream partner. However, it’s crucial to keep a few things in mind to ensure you a pleasant experience:

  • If you come across a profile that interests you, it is a good idea to look up their social media accounts to learn more about them. 
  • Once you’re sure of a user’s authenticity, don’t hesitate to “connect” or show “interest”.
  • If a prospect reciprocates your “interest”, make sure to start chatting with them. Once both of you find your feet in the conversation, schedule a phone call. 
  • Never give away your address, password, credit card details, and other sensitive information to the person on the other end. 
  • Get to know your chosen one by asking sensible questions. While doing so, make sure to be respectful towards them. Knowing your potential partner during the early stage helps prevent future misunderstandings. 
  • If you find unwanted profiles bothering you with other intentions, block them immediately. 
  • Make sure to fill out your profile with adequate information so that people can learn about you.
  • Upload a few photos of yourself where everyone can see your face clearly. It is also a good idea to include full-sized images. 
  • Take your time knowing your desired partner before making a decision. 


Which is the Best Matrimonial Site in Bangladesh?

NobleMarriage is the best matrimonial site in Bangladesh. It is a halal platform that helps connect practicing Muslims across the globe. With its advanced search option and intuitive matchmaking algorithm, NobleMarriage allows you to search for a partner matching your criteria easily.

Which is the Most Trusted Matrimony App?

NobleMarriage is one of the most trusted matrimony apps. It features a range of bride and groom profiles that have been personally verified by staff members. Not only that, but the site offers security with its unique anti-spam system. Therefore, users registering on the site can start their search without any worries.

Is there a free Bengali Dating Site in the USA?

Free Bengali dating sites don’t ensure reliability. Offering free service to users means accumulation of fake accounts and exposure to security risks. On top of that, the usage of dating sites is frowned upon in Islam. So, the best option is to go for matrimony sites.

Final Thoughts

Online marriage media in Bangladesh has become quite popular, especially among those struggling to find a partner in reality. 

The traditional approach where your family shows you a single bio-data occasionally can be time-consuming. But with marriage sites, you have the freedom to browse thousands of profiles.

By reading the above list, hopefully, you’re ready to start your journey with a reliable Bangladeshi matrimony site in USA. 

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