10 Secret Signs That A Muslim Man Likes You

In terms of the typical man, most of the time it’s pretty easy to tell whether a man is into you or not. However when religious factors come into the scene, understanding romantic interest can be challenging.

Modesty and respect are highly prioritized in Islam, therefore, signs of a Muslim man liking you can be a whole lot different from others. In the case of Muslims, the signs are usually subtle and rooted in cultural nuances.

However, with a little attention, you can tell whether a Muslim man is into you or not. Here in this guide, we’ll be shedding some light on 10 secret signs that a Muslim man likes you. 

Signs You Should Look for In A  Muslim Man You Like

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Even though Muslims typically approach a little differently than others. However, even in Muslims, there are different types of people and different styles. Here are some of the usual secret signs.


Secret Signs That A Muslim Man Likes You - Presence

Not only in the case of Muslim men, but most of the men when they get a chance, tend to increase their physical presence around the individual they like. So, if a man likes you, he would be trying to be around you more often.

In group gatherings and settings, a man who likes you would try to sit next to or around you. However, there is a group who are too shy to sit near.

Engagement in Conversation

A Muslim man who likes you would try to start a conversation with you or would deeply engage in conversations with you. The topics usually would be about your goals, hobbies, planning, family members, friends, etc. In other words, he would be interested to know more about you.

Regular Communication

Regular Communication

As mentioned before, a Muslim man who likes you would try to be around you. But when they aren’t around, they would find a way to communicate constantly, it could be an over-the-call conversation, text, snaps, etc.

During the conversation over messages, pay attention to his response time. If he replies very quickly, that indicates that you mean something to him.

Active Listening

When you’re into a conversation with a Muslim man, one common sign of him liking you is that he would actively listen to what you’re saying, even though that’s not something important.

Plus, a man who likes you might remember your tiniest details.

However, not everyone has a sharp memory, some might not remember some things. Hence, this shouldn’t be the determinant of whether a man likes you or not.

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Modest Complements

A true Muslim man would never comment on your physical appearance or any external attributes.

Instead, he would compliment you on your inner qualities such as your intelligence, kindness, compassion, and other similar virtues.

Courteous Behavior

It can be an indication that the Muslim man who’s being highly courteous to you has a romantic interest in you. Because courteousness is often a sign of respect, kindness, and consideration.

Courteous behavior includes using polite language, insisting to assist with something, opening the door, being attentive, etc.

Nervousness or Shyness

Nervousness or Shyness

Most Muslim men may become a bit shy or nervous around the girl they are attracted to. You should be able to detect nervousness if you pay a little attention.

So if you notice anything like this, chances are high that he has feelings for you.

Also, check if he is trying to adopt a more polished body language when around you. Or do something attractive that he doesn’t usually do.

One thing here is, that you wouldn’t know if there is a difference in his behavior unless you knew him before.

But if you contact his friends and family, you might get something.


Nowadays, everyone gives something to each other. But gifts from a person who likes you won’t be the same as others.

Often men give thoughtful gifts to the person they like. The gift might look very small or cheap, but that gift might be carrying some hidden sentiments.

Surprising Gesture

If a person keeps surprising you with your favorite things, then consider he has a crush on you. Like, surprising you with your favorite food, or taking you to your favorite place, etc.

No one would do that to you apart from those to whom you are very important like, parents, siblings, and spouse.

Being Protective

Men are always very protective of things and people they like. If a man likes you, he will be very protective of you.

When walking beside the road, he might take the traffic side. He would guard and guide you through crowded locations, call you to know if you’ve reached home or not, or might even drop you home.

These are some small gestures that tell you that you mean something to that man’s life.


We’ve just mentioned some of the basic secret signs that a Muslim man likes you. Apart from these, there could be more. Because every individual is different and they approach differently. But one thing for you sure is, that a Muslim man’s approach will be very polite and gentle. They would have a behavior that would make you feel very safe around them. 

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