Is it Haram to Have a Crush? Learn What Islam Allowed About Crush

A crush is a feeling of attraction towards someone. When you admire a person, whether it be emotional or physical, then you have a crush on that person. It is a natural human feeling and it can happen to anyone, for anyone, regardless of their race or religion.

As such it is very normal for a man or a woman to develop a crush. But is it haram to have a crush as a Muslim? The answer to the questions is not that simple. This article will shed light on what actually is haram when it comes to having a crush, and the right thing to do when you develop a crush.

The Islamic Perspective: Is It haram to Have a Crush?

It is not haram to have a crush. As mentioned before, having a crush or somewhat intense feelings towards another person is a natural human tendency. A Muslim man or woman is no different.

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A fleeting thought or feeling such as a crush is not wrong by any means in Islam. It only becomes haram when a Muslim acts upon it in an immoral way, whether it be in thought or action.

Most Muslim scholars also agree as such. Dr. Zakir Naik shares his thoughts in this podcast as well, from which we quote:

As long as you do not break any rules of the shariah it is permitted.

Islam teaches us to have an ethical way of life. Muslims live by certain principles to avoid sin, and one of those principles is having relationships within the borders of what is permissible in a marriage.

When Is It Haram?

A crush starts to become haram when you act upon it wrongfully. If you do things such as going on a date with your crush, it starts to cross into haram territory. Developing lustful thoughts for a crush is haram. Engaging in physical interactions before marriage (Zina) with a person you have a crush on is also haram.

It is possible that a crush may lead to such violations of our laws. At that point a crush becomes something more than just a fleeting feeling and becomes a major sin.

How to Avoid Having a Crush?

If a crush intensifies, then stop right there and start practicing modesty. The following are steps you can take:

  • Lower their gaze: Both Muslim men and women should lower their gaze and practice self control when near their crush.
  • Limit Interactions: It is best to avoid unnecessary interactions with your crush, as long as the feeling remains in you.
  • Seek Allah’s guidance: Pray and ask the Lord to help you find a way out.

There is also a last option. If you truly think you like someone and if the situation permits, then get married to that person. That would be the most halal thing of all to do.


Is It Allowed to Have a Crush at a Young Age?

You can have a crush at any age. It is only haram when it wrongfully develops further. Parents should also take the time to ensure that their children understand these feelings.

What to Do When You Have a crush?

Be modest and practice self-control. This will prevent it from developing into something else. If you truly like someone though and see a future with them, then get married if possible. That is the most halal thing to do.

Is Having a Crush On a Non-Muslim Haram in Islam?

It is not wrong to have a crush even if it is a non-Muslim man or a woman. Race or religion rarely defines who we can end having a crush on. Just make sure you are staying within the boundaries of Islam.

Final Thoughts

So, is it haram to have a crush or like someone in Islam? Well, are you doing anything immoral? Are you committing a sin? Are you engaging in adultery? If not, then be rest assured, you are not doing anything haram.

Remember to be careful about these feelings and mixed emotions. Don’t let them evolve into lust and illicit desire. If you are confused about how to proceed, consult with your elders and Muslims scholars. Take the advice of people who are far more educated in certain matters of our religion.

Lastly, keep in mind that you may not be destined to be with everyone you end up having a crush on. Surely, Allah knows best and Allah will always guide you to what will be best for you.

Talha Ubaidullah
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